The most beat up bomber I ever had to land

I find it alot of fun trying to get home after doing a bombing run.

In game I notice alot of times it may notify me that fuel tank is ruptured. Does anyone know if you have to turn any valves of when this happens to conserve fuel?


I haven’t flown for 6 months, but there were none last time I flew.
I fly all kinds of aircrafts, but pride myself with getting home with all kinds of damage.
Fuel leaks are nasty as there are no way of turning off the crossflow between tanks. All you can do is balance between using fuel for climbing and getting as close to the next friendly runway.

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You really need to get some fighter escorts for your missions! And the Yaks taking shots at you while you’re landing, well, that’s just not cricket! :cricket: (Wait, not that cricket)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: (That’s the one!)

I don’t know of any fuel valves you can manipulate. Given the level of systems modelling (which is deep yet somewhat abstracted), I wouldnt expect there to be.

Yep, counter-intuitively it actually makes sense to firewall the throttle when you get a leak. Yes you increase fuel flow, but if you’ve only got ~5 minutes of fuel because of a holed tank, I’d much rather have full power to get faster and higher for 4 minutes 50 seconds than have a full 5 minutes of cruise power, which won’t get you as fast/far or as high to glide home from.

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