The Most Enlightening Video I’ve Watched Yet

You don’t need to be curious about or even like helicopters to enjoy this video. That this guy with his deep animation skills is able to demystify this machine, even to pilots with decades of experience, is a testament to the value of keeping explanations simple. Not being a pilot or mechanic himself makes him a better teacher. He assumes no knowledge. He FAKES no knowledge. It’s an hour long. But at the end you will easily be able to pass your Bell 407 Type oral.


For reasons that have long escaped me, I read a book on [basic] chopper flight characteristics a long, long, time ago. Advancing, retreating blade stuff…amazed they even fly. Good find.


Hey yo, @schurem and @Freak!
I think you’ll like this!


As someone involved in the topic…
Wow that a good one.

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The sheer number of parts that each have to work in order to keep the helicopter aloft is amazing. Although I toy with the idea of getting my RW, videos like this remind me to be glad I’m not a helo pilot, mechanic, owner, or frequent passenger. :open_mouth:

ETA: and reminds me that Igor Sikorsky and other helicopter pioneers were geniuses.

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I see it differently. (Well, no surprise really). Sure, there is a complexity that stands in contrast to the simplicity of fixed wings. But there is simplicity here too. Helicopters give their “wings” the freedom to flap, cone, lead and lag. Whereas airplanes are rigid. All this flexibility depends on simple, proven materials and sound engineering principles. By demystifying the helicopter completely, the video actually makes me more confident for how sound and safe they are when properly inspected and maintained.