The New 4090 and 4090ti Bench Tested (Funny)

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OMFG! Brilliant!

Yeah, thats really well done. LMAO.


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Lol. Compact card.

I never watch real review videos. So even knowing that this was a spoof I almost didnt click. That would have been a mistake. Too funny!

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I ended up watching his other videos too, theres only half a dozen or so.

Amazing, just a deadpan dude making a single video a year with a spoof review but he must spend so much time and effort into making them!

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I thought he might be using a 3d printer to make this stuff as well, but i get the impression the time and money to do pieces that large would probably be prohibitive?

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That was great

And when you die, they can bury you in it.

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I want to believe that he builds those as a hobby, but even if they are CGI, kudos for the creativity and his sense of humor. I hadnt watched it in a while, but got a huge chuckle seeing it again. Likewise with his other videos.

圭heck out this over here, the RTX 4090 Ti. Im dying. Pretty awesome that all of the fans are working.


Well done !

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Its funny because its true! :wink: