The next major Aerofly FS version for PC is coming

Betcha a lotta people didn’t see that coming…


just saw that a day or two ago but forgot to mention it here (but I know what you mean, was kind of ‘is AFS2 already dead or is there any life left !?’ when I checked AFS2 for any new updates few days ago) :slight_smile:

so I will just add this


I think being honest, most would say Aerofly is kind of dead… Except in vr, where nothing else matches it for smoothness and clarity.

To this day, I have no idea why the cockpit instruments are perfectly (and I mean perfectly) legible in Aerofly in vr, and are blurry -lean-forwards-to read in every other sim…


I agree. It excels as a VR Demo sim, when showing VR to friends. And it’s a fun acro sim. But I get bored rather quickly.
Cool that they’re not bowing out due to the competition from MSFS.


Interesting stuff, installed this again about a week ago.

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