The Oculus Rift S is $100 off at several retailers (Posted 12/12/20)

Retailers Include Oculus, Lenovo, Walmart and Amazon.

Links in the article:

A year ago. I would probably have been excited by this news. But since the Facebook announcement. Oculus can go sit on a cactus. Such a shame.

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Wow… Why can’t this thing be happening in Europe too?!

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If ok with the Facebook smell test, the Quest 2 is probably just as good or even better, plus will get support for longer. People use the link cable and seem to really like it, and the screen/optics are great. It’s priced at $299.


locally :

449,00 €

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It seems to get a lot of press in Europe! :slight_smile:


correct, even if it were 299, we dont want it!! :slight_smile:


I know right?

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on a positive note, with Quest 2 priced at 449 and Rift S at 490 (locally) there is clear path for a new buyer ----------------> Reverb G2

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