The official 3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017 Edition


No rules. As @chipwich said - we typically try to fly from the airport nearest our real location in the real world. So obviously, with 9,200 nm to Christmas Island for me…I probably won’t be flying an ultra-light… :smiley: But feel free to skip legs or use a supersonic aircraft or even swap out aircraft if you want to make it interesting. In previous years, I’ve used the C-17 when we went towards the North Pole, the Avro RJ, and a few others. As we speak, I’m going through my airplane inventory trying to settle on this year’s mount…


If I’m able to get a new video card installed, I’d actually considering either that, an Albatross, or a PBY.


That’s the main problem now, for me, too. I’ve narrowed it down to 15 and P3Dv4. Which I use would also depend on whether to start from Fenland - the nearest civvy airfield (although there is a grass strip about a mile from my house, along the side of a rugby field, that supports anything from HM Royal Helicopter fleet to Bird Dogs at the annual summer meets) or the closest military base, Coningsby. As that’s home to the BBMF, it could be interesting… :thinking:


Christmas Island has a 6900 Ft runway, 150 ft wide. Not too bad at all. No ILS though.


Nice thread and great advert for X plane 11 and flight sim world. Shame DCS dosn’t cover the world I would enjoy the chopper ride :slight_smile:


No ILS? Oh boy… gonna have to land manually then!

As long as I follow the flight director above the decision height I think I’ll be fine though.


Still trying to settle on my ride. I’m really liking the FlyJSim 727-100…although…err…my dual throttle HOTAS led to some asymmetric thrust problems. I’m sure it will buff out…


hope the beer’s ok!


These are my top three contenders for the Christmas Flight…

I’m partial to the 727-100 though for the short field capabilities in case I want to visit some interesting places enroute…

Hard to not like that cargo door on the DC-8 though… :thinking:


Yeah - all my planes have had to be whittled away due to the distance - didn’t think of that, as most were props.

I’ll have to try out the Razbam Harrier again and see if I can get it working in P3Dv4 - otheriwse, I’ll have to have a rethink.


There are some nice rotorcraft for XP, but at 140 kts, you should have left yesterday :slight_smile:


No such thought had crossed my mind, but now that you mention it… :thinking:


hello all

I also want to participate this year. I will go through some testing and high level flight planning as I would like to take the DC-6 A.

This will give me enough space to bring along a load of fine swiss chese, chocolate and some good wine for those guys in Christmas Island. The 4 radials (if I can make them running in XP 11) will give me enough airspeed to make the 6000+ nm from Switzerland a decent and safe trip.

I think I can even pack this nice new super cup (wings detached) so that I can do some sightseeing with this fantastic aircraft while my DC-6 is being refuled.

Anyone planning the trip from Europe as well?



Is the Flying Tigers plane a Tristar?


Welcome to Mudspike @Fsjoe! :mudspike:


Negative. Beach’s Flying Tiger is a B727-100 to my eyes. Tristar is a wide body L-1011.


I could swear there is a Flying Tigers C-46 for P3D or FSX around - might have it myself. I’ll have a peek in my screenshot library


Christmas 2018!


I found the C-46 Flying Tigers, but can’t find my screenshots of it - it was freeware by Libardo Guzman García.

tbh the C-46 was one of the planes on my 15 aircraft shortlist - but I think I may well go with a C-130, seeing as my only Lancaster model is the dambusters, and that doesn’t fit well with the theme (unless the barrel ‘bomb’ is filled with sherry!)

As this is bomber county, I’m also considering A2A’a B-17G


Some video of our destination (fwd to 3:00 to see our arrival airport…!)