The official 3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017 Edition



DC-8 is on my list as well.

B721 trivia. When I was at Eastern, we had some B-721 QCs in the fleet. QC as in Quick Change. All the ones that I saw were configured for carrying pax, but had a cargo door fwd on the LHS. The seats supposedly could be slide out in sections through that door so that the aircraft could be configured for EALs air freight division when needed.


Where is your brewery at by the way? I’m planning on making a stop on my Christmas Flight (was it Chareleston?)…


Welcome aboard @Fsjoe - you using the DC-6 in X-Plane or FSX/P3D? We look forward to reading about your trip!


Yep… @chipwich got it right - it is the FlyJSims 727-100 for XP11…a beautiful little plane. It also comes with the 727-200 and -200F if I’m not mistaken…


Whatever you do - I recommend at least a wing leveler and heading autopilot for some of these long trips…!


What’s on tap:


Sweet…maybe I can couple it with a 787 demo flight…!


Give me a heads-up when you will be there. Tap room open Thu - Sun, various hours.


Yes indeed, One of the things that makes the VSkyLabs DC3 a little labor intensive is that there is no heading hold. The autopilot just holds pitch and bank angle. It does make it a decent challenge when dead reckoning though.


Well…good news. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the 727 off the ground from my “nearest to home” airport of Gastonia, NC (KAKH) - with its 3,770’ runway. So I dug into some charts and it looks like with minimum fuel I can at least reposition to CLT or somewhere else and then take on a normal fuel load…

Might have to cut down some trees at the end of the runway or at least for a cool morning with a headwind… :thinking:


Don’t lay your phone next to the whisky compass… :rofl:


By the way…did you guys see this freeware DC-3? By a little ole’ company called Aeroworx from South Africa…hmm…seems familiar… :smiley:


Yes, I downloaded it just the other day. The cockpit is excellent. I haven’ spent much time flying it yet though.


I’ve flown a number of aircraft over the last few hours to test, but still no closer to deciding which to take - though all except one were great fun to fly in VR.


I need to get started early due to RL and may not finish before the deadline, but I will get there eventually.

My choice of aircraft has been influenced by having read @PaulRix early progress reports and seeing the fun with no GPS.

By the way…did you guys see this freeware DC-3?

Funny you should say that, it was either the VSkylabs DC-3 or this one.

The BBMF don’t use their Dakota over the winter and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me borrowing it. It took a while, but I managed to get all that nasty green paint off and we’re now back to bare metal.

EGXC (RAF Coningsby) -> EGLK (Blackbushe Airport)

I needed to get back to my home base with the newly “leased” DC-3. Departure from Coningsby was early afternoon with a little cloud.

The beta version has an autopilot but its a bit quirky with workarounds and as usual I hadn’t read the manual, so pointed the nose south with a hastily constructed flight plan and climbed to cruising altitude.

It was a relatively short hop, before decending through the murk and seeing if I could recognise anything.


Eventually having circled a few times, I had to have a small peak/cheat at the map and was around 10 miles southwest of my destination.

I had downloaded a nice representation of Blackbushe airport for Xplane, but the GB scenery seems to clash with it slightly. Coupled with the low cloud and rain I needn’t have bothered.

Blackbushe airport - sack the gardener

Its amazing that this is a freeware beta aircraft I found it really nice to fly and there’s plenty of scope for Captain Chaos to make an appearance.

Time to load up the kegs and goodies

Things I need to work on:

  • Radio navigation - I could get the NDB working, but needed VHF frequencies for all the other points on the route.

  • Discipline with speed and time on each leg - I’d assumed a much higher average speed and got nowhere near that. I kept forgetting to reset the stopwatch.

  • Suss out the workarounds with the autopilot


My tentative route - IF I use the 727…a few interesting places (to me) put in…very rough draft of the route though…


Does this mean X plane 11 has vr support already ?


@near_blind arriving over Christmas Island…


Hello from France. This flight is a great idea.
I’ll hope fly Nice LFMN to Christmas Island with a Pregnant Guppy B377 from A2A simulation.
Large cargo for full gift
I’ll hope i’ll have enought time to do that.



Hmm…I can see now we are going to have to pay overtime for an angry customs agent in Christmas Island…

(At least…that is how U.S. Customs agents usually are…) :rofl: