The official 3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017 Edition


No - I am using P3Dv4 - I have XP11 but I don’t like the scenery - even with orthoxp - and I’m fed up with playing around with config files etc - been doing that since years with all sims I have and it’s enough.

There is FlyInside for XP11, though - which I also bought, and is quite reasonable.


^ That’s more my style, and besides.

Have you see the ants they’ve got on that Island? Deep down you want me with those bombs. You need me with those bombs.


I was wondering if Thunderbird 2 would be within the acceptable range?


Well, @Freak did do this one year, so I guess it’s not off the table. :slight_smile:


That’s okay then - just have to see if it works in VR. I did have another spaceship somewhere, a huge thing, but I can’t remember what it was from.

TARDIS would be nice - step in at home, step out at Chrimbo Is :grimacing:


I was picturing this:


So, I broke out the Flight Test Center KMUD today…construction has stalled on it a bit the past few months…apparently we aren’t lobbying the right politicians at the moment. On the 4,000’ STOL runway - I dialed in 130,000 lbs. takeoff weight, neutral wind, and used the TOLD card V1/R of 112, 2.08 EPR, and just squeaked off the end of the runway. Given that KMUD is both warmer and higher than my home airport in North Carolina, this seems to be in line with what the takeoff chart predicted for 3,700’ or runway. Stopping performance was almost the same, although I wasn’t super aggressive with the braking…


…aaaaand continuing with the tests…the MD80 is a bit more of a runway hog…we actually overran the end of the STOL runway and probably didn’t lift off until around 4,700 - 4,800’…however the stopping distance was probably a good 500’ shorter with braking and reversers. And darn if that paint scheme and the overall look of the MD80 both inside and outside isn’t just drop dead gorgeous…


Very nice screenies! Did you use any scenery for it? Is it the Rotate MD80 you’re using? How do you like it?


I’m using XP 11, however I so far have used the DC-6 only in XP 10, therefore I first need to do some testing before I can commit to this aircraft…


I would be very interested in your observations @Fsjoe. I have been eyeing up the DC6 but being a XP11 user, I have shied away from buying it.


So if I were to relent and use XP11 for the whole journey, with default scenery, am I going to be bored to death with it (the scenery, not the flying per se)?


Thanks @NEVO & @PaulRix ! With the amount of water that needed crossing, almost half a globe’s worth of it from where I am, a persistent world sailing simulator was the ideal ticket. It is a fortunate time of year for it, too! I’ve been on a continuous port reach with the winds generally from the south all along. It is plain sailing, indeed!

@BeachAV8R I was a little concerned about that, LOL! My mind is a little more at ease now that I know rescue is at hand, though, provided you get there first! This Bermuda rig is spanning the waves a lot more efficiently than I thought it would. I had considered Ship Simulator. Because it does not seem to be persistent, though, I was going to plot the new position each time I fired it up based on my last course, speed and position. Sailaway provided a much better option, however. Plus, I love sailing vessels. :smiley:

Greetings @Fsjoe ! My own very favorite sim aircraft, and it works fine in XP11 (so you’d be OK, too, @PaulRix). Just deactivate it in XP10 before moving it across to XP11, then reactivate the module. I’ve done many FSEconomy flights with it, with no issues. It was going to be the one I was going to use for this year’s flight, originally.

EDIT: Or even just hard link it across. I’m forgetting that I did that originally, so I could have it in both XP10 and 11. I only “physically” relocated it when I deleted XP10, for disk space reasons.

I’m thrilled that several people are sort of going “back to basics” and providing such entertaining journeys as a result. Rooting for you again this year, @keets !

Goodness, I had a laugh with that thing writing a post on last year’s XMas thread. Speaking of which; I can tell that time of the year is at hand again. I saw this old friend once more, the other day at Guayaquil (couldn’t prevent myself from taking the snap for the site)…


Dat Thrust Reversal, tho…


By the way, guys, I just remembered when looking throufh my FS storage disk - I have a huge collection of missions for FSX. I know many of them are pretty good - but I haven’t had time to fly many of them. I got them from lots of different places on the net - the usual file download places like AVSIM, Flyaway etc. There are over 600 of them and I’m quite happy to upload them so anyone can have quick access to them. I think they will probably only work in FSX, though.

In fact, I will upload them to my Google drive and post a link. Sorry a bit OT there - it just came to mind.


With the amount of water that needed crossing, almost half a globe’s worth of it from where I am

@Cygon_Parrot - alternatively you could go the long way round. :joy:


EGLK -> Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (LFPG)

Loaded up with locally sourced ales and treats, I’m ready for the off. Taxying out to line up on the runway, there’s a sense of deja vu. Its probably to do with the appalling weather. Apparently the Met office have called it “Storm Brian” - storm in a teacup more like.

Haven’t we been here before

Increasing the throttles slowly, we started rolling down the runway. I was ready to correct the swing when the tail came up, but I wasn’t ready for the violent kite into the wind. 30 seconds into the flight and the DC-3 was already trying to kill me. I guess the crosswind was greater than I thought.

A bit of left stick and rudder and I managed to get her back onto the hard stuff. The undergrowth still hadn’t been cleared and I hoped it wasn’t going to snag anything. Slowly I gained altitude avoiding the trees and anything sharp. That was an ugly takeoff.

Not one for the purists

I’d spent a bit of time reading the release notes and the workarounds for the autopilot. I’d dialled in Midhurst VOR/DME/“radio thing” and got a heading and distance. Clicking on the autopilot and having a fiddle with the rudder trim (auto pilot workaround) I turned onto the correct heading and the numbers started to tick down. Result! Look at me, I can do this pilotty stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The filthy weather was a lot thicker than expected and the cloud tops were up around 10,000ft. I’d planned on 6,000ft so I could check my navigation, but there was little opportunity through the murk.

Switching to Seaford VOR, I turned and headed for what should be the coast. Still no break in the cloud to check. I’d dialled in the VOR at Dieppe on N2 and was picking that up and waited for the needle to swing onto the heading.

The time ticked on and I was starting to get worried and began to doubt myself. It was a quite a few minutes after when I expected, before the needle finally swung round. I think I let out a little cheer.

Finally the cloud broke and I could see I’d crossed the coast.

See you in a few weeks/months

Looking good

Eventually the French coast came into sight. Checking the map, I was slightly north of track. Not bad.

“Enemy coast ahead, skipper” - Dieppe in the background

The next 60 miles passed without incident. Again I started to wonder if I’d got the nav right. I’d dialled in Charles De Gaulle VOR, but there was no DME so was on the stopwatch. The speed was slower than I’d planned by around 10mph, which was helping with the doubt. Even though I could clearly see Paris and knew the approximate location was correct, I was very relieved to see the airport.

There’s was a just a bit of crosswind as I lined up on the runway to try and complicate things.

Crosswind landing

Touchdown was firm and I immediately vacated the runway, I’m not sure ATC meant me to use the grass, I blame the wind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Poor parking

Leg one done.

The positives are that there was no checking of the in game map. I can do the nav, though I need to have a bit more confidence with it.

I must check the weather before departure!!


You folks are sure looking good in the Douglas. It’s been a little while since I flew the gooney bird, as dad used to call the C-47, but does’t it have a lockable tail wheel?


Oh okay, I’ll do it in XP11 too. Will probably look a bit drab with the default scenery, but I have downloaded some stuff yesterday - SimHeaven mods and ATC and traffic - so might stay awake the whole way…

Going to be a helluva trip from here, though.


Personally I think that the default scenery in XP11 is pretty decent overall. I added a mod for the rendering of water the other day which gets rid of the repetitive pattern you see normally, and X-Enviro was a bit of a cash splurge, but I am very pleased with the aesthetic look it gives to the weather.