The Okinawa Missiles Incident

Fascinating/Horrifying (choose your poison) story of where Nuclear War was (possibly, the story is being validated with a Freedom of Information act request) narrowly averted.

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A bit short but interesting, wouldn’t mind some more info on where things went wrong. Highly anticipating the epic two hour summer block movie by Michael Bay.

I’m already picturing Tom Hanks saying the lines

“…send two airmen over with weapons and shoot the [lieutenant] if he tries to launch without [either] verbal authorization from the ‘senior officer in the field’ or the upgrade to DEFCON 1 by Missile Operations Center.”

…with a sweating Matt Damon hovering his finger over the button…

The addendum was pretty interesting, in that they debated whether to run with the story until it had been more verified, and then a journalist researcher chirps in with a few more stories like it, like “oh yeah, it probably happened - pretty common! (shrugs)”. Eek.

I like these kinds of stories were you see humanity in a inhumane system. I recently watched ‘The Man Who Saved the World’, which deals with the famous Russian early warning incident and Stanislav Petrov, who stopped the catastrophe from happening.

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Another ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ popped up. It’s up on PBS