The Ops Center (Youtube Channel)

So, I wanted to plug this guy I recently discovered (and know nothing else about) because I think he deserves a lot more views than he gets. He is a Simulator tech for the USAF and explains some concepts and procedures with a great balance of real life accuracy and DCS brevity. Not as flashy as some other youtubers but very clear and educational, with clear pictures and examples.

We had a lot of Navy procedures explained in the las Hornet years (including that series on carrier ops by a former Hornet pilot that was exceptional) but not many air force stuff for aspiring Viper pilots, especially people trying to fly more inside realistic parameters.

Hope you guys like it as much as I did.

The Ops Center By Mike Solyom - YouTube


Yes, good channel so far. No spam-like substance, good quality, etc.


His Radio Comm 101 video, will be my go-to link for newbs asking how to get good on radio.

His breakdown of bombing trig was great too. I’ve always done similar patterns for consistency’s sake, but in lieu of doing the whole base/altitude/AOP stuff I always used a mental image to place me in the ballpark. I’ll have to try the numbers with reference points on the map now.

Haven’t gone back to watch that one; if it’s about manual bombing then I’m in. Even more satisfying.

These YT guys get all Old School and have some good stuff on this subject:


And from Former naval aviator I believe - this one’s a good start