The Professionals - Professional planning in Progress

Someone might remember when back in the SimHQ days Tempus, me and a few others (un)officially created “The Professionals”, our motto was “Because we are everything but Professionals”, and our ubiquitous Logo was (obviously) this one -

Well… in a certain way out story begins anew, in Arma 3, on Altis, trying to free it from both an occupation force and their mortal enemy. We, the Rebels, will bring Peace, and Unity, and hopefully without committing war crimes.:crossed_fingers:

After a few false starts, and a dozen abysmal deaths, @tempusmurphy, @Victork2 and yours-truly managed, asychronously, to actually make more damage to the enemies than ourselves. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A good start, for the average of The Professionals… :sunglasses:

What I wanted to do before hitting the sack tonight was at least complete another mission.
This is our current sector of operation.

In the north there’s our HQ, to the south and around there are a few villages (Kore, Negades, etc.) and to south-east a clearly marked Checkpoint.
This last one is a place of pain…
Usually running around in civilian, unmarked cars, allows us to move or less undisturbed- sadly, together with @Victork2, we noticed that moving too slowly around them allows the occupying force to peek in the car and spot the pesky handsome rebels we are and they’ll then immediately try putting a rather violent end to our rebellious days.

The current local contact living in our HQ informs me of the need to bring a pallet of food packages to the southerly Negades tonight. Fair enough! Fresh bread for everyone tomorrow morning!

Load the entire stuff in the back of my red Pickup and off I go… promptly forgetting that it’s literally running on fumes… Splendid! :see_no_evil:Another Professional masterpiece in the making! :sweat_smile:

The night is a rioting moonless darkness under pouring rain… hope the bread is packed well.
(in the top left corner there’s a short orange bar - which is actually blinking red/orange- that’s all the fuel I have left. The black part is the empty tank)

The drive is simple enough- not many fools run around with such a weather… but The professionals! We are EXACTLY that kind of fools. :thinking:

I unload, unseen, the goods in the town square and wait to contact the town’s rebel liason. (In gameplay terms means that I have to get rid of an undefined number of corrupted policemen and defend the pallet for 2 minutes)

Cautiously moving around I appear unseen behind two officers that get immediately dropped by a short burst of my 9mm submachinegun. Unsilenced submachinegun.

At least two other voices scream for my surrender but again the night helps me and (for the first time since I started this mod) I managed to drop all of them bad bad cops without being even seen, much less shot at.

I get in touch with our secretive contact and the mission is complete! Brilliant!

The fuel is so low, now, that I cannot make it back…
I take a shortcut… but getting offroad markes my car as suspicious and I lose the cover of my civilian fake identity.

Alas, worth the risk… instead of the whole longer red arrows-defined road I manage cut short through the green one and I barely reach the base before the car dies on me.

I refuel and think about my next step, smoking a cigarette in my dark cockpit…

Reading the Mod’s manual I find an interesting mechanic… I can buy and load a so-called loot box in the car and use it to almost-automatically pick up all the weapons and paraphernalia from the fallen, friends and foe alike. :star_struck:

So be it! In true Professional behaviour I’ll do the stupidest thing ever and go back to the crime scene and pick up all the police gear!
What could possibly go wrong?
My answer comes so fast that the question is still dying in my throat- an explosion EXACTLY in the town I just delivered food at.
Uhrrrr… Did I do that?

-Gulp- Ok I can still do it… Maybe?

The rest of the drive is tense but unremarkable.
I start collecting the stuff…

which of course makes me again lose my cover as civilian.
Well, I must have really looked scary because nobody dares to challenge me as I collect a few different new submachine guns, ammo, medikits, flashlights and so on…

Time to go! Lady luck is smiling upon me!

Uh… wait… that black SUV is… neat!

Let me pull out my towing cables, papa needs a new toy! :smiley:
Needless to say, towing a car is suspicious (and totally Professional!) so I lose again the civilian cover, car included. Any Checkpoint would shoot on sight.

I still think I can pull it off! :sunglasses:

Since I am no longer “just a harmless civilian” I might as well use the same shortcut as before and just be done with it…

Disappointingly nothing happens and I make it to the HQ with my new car.
Speaking of disappointed… what was that explosion all about? I didn’t notice anything on my drive back and forth…

Nevermind, I’m happy. Here’s our new shiny car, barely noticeable in the darkness…

I unload all the loot in the Armory…

Here’s the content

One of the good thing is that now we have a few ballistic vests! OH MY, they even protect from bullets!
(green circles)

The other good news is that apparently I was so devilishly cool that the entire town of Negades is under our control!

Brilliant! Doubly so as we didn’t even commit involutary war crimes! :clinking_glasses:

As we earned some cash during this operation I invest circa 100$ to make the place a bit nicer.
Some lights in our newly replenished parking lot!

Enough typing for tonight…
This is fun, exciting and even the occasional death is not too bothersome, once the rules are clearer…
RTFM guys, and good night!


Very nice report! I hope you stashed the vehicles in the garage, as otherwise they might be gone after the 10am server reboot … I’ll check the server in a bit :slight_smile:

[Edit] Stored the vehicles in the garage now.


Ah! I tried to do that… Even looked into the Garage part of the manual!
How did you do it, again?

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Also when I retired the two police men who were with the nice blue car … when I went to them to admin first aid (read loot for weapons and other useful gear) it came up with revive… and wouldn’t let me see their inventories …

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@tempusmurphy : Ah that one I know. If you shot them, they first are in a “down but not dead” state…

Remember when I talked about committing no war crimes? Well… Uh… I might have been a little optimistic there.

When me and @Victork2 assaulted a Checkpoint we initially only wounded the soldiers in that “down but not dead”… And… Uh… How can I say this…

Yeah, we used our sidearms and made pasta strainers out of their skulls. Yeah that’s it.

Once they die-dead for good you’ll see they do a little rag doll-dance and their weapons drop to the floor. That’s when you know you’re… uhm… Winning hearts and minds for real.
Yes. That’s the best way to put it.


I did check for a pulse on one of them with 2 45 acp rounds and it still asked iif I wanted to revive her … by the way great write up …

Long live the professionals

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The default key is y and then you have the option to store vehicles in the garage. Simply look at the vehicle, hit y and store in garage.

On the almost dead units, I’ve heard that the best spot are the thighs, as they are not protected by body armor/helmets. Not sure what happens when you assist them, if they go to captured or will pick up their weapon and fight you once more.


Long live the professionals! :beers:

ROFL, too kind.
Yeah, they are tough to convince in retirement.

That’s why I mentioned pasta strainers.
You have to really really want their stuff.

Or wait for them to kick the proverbial bucket. They do eventually give up…

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And a big thank you for putting up the server


True professionals don’t run those risks…
Literally every other risk, yes. That one? Nope.

Funny note, our handguns bullets are nicknamed aspirins.


Ah the Y key! Yes, that makes a lot of sense!
I keep forgetting all the uses it has.
Brilliant, thanks!


Absolutely @TeTeT! Thank you so much! :smiley: :+1: I’m having a hell of a time!


I thought I would hop on and do a quick bit of exploration, I headed north on foot about 2km, to near a petrol station, there was also a what looked like a rubbish tip there, with RESOURCES marked on the map… this sounded interesting … I got there and started scoping out the area. A two man military patrol was spotted off to the east at least 1km away so i headed in.

in the rubbish dump there was a military truck, my eyes lit up … but I rushed a bit fast and didn’t see the two guards in small building, they opened up on me, I dropped to the floor and returned fire dropping both of them… but alas there were at least a couple more because they lit me the hell up…

a future raid there might be an idea :grinning:


I’m jumping in, in a short while - Same Discord room

Unfortunately a bit late for me … but I am off work for the next couple of weeks …:grinning::grinning: so I should be around more

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:sunglasses: :+1:

i just did another run on that resources site to the north. whilst closing in I saw the two man patrol, moving stealthily I hid in a bush… they walked directly towards me and got to about 60m, I open up with my submachine gun, and took both down. After checking the area i moved in to loot- I mean check to see if they needed first aid … but alas they were beyond help after i shot both of them in the head :grinning:

as for equipment i hit the jackpot, one assault rifle and … a GM6 lynx 12.7mm sniper rifle and laser range finder. burdened down with the gear I looked back at the resource site and saw an enemy soldier in a window so tried the 12.7mm. Third soldier of the invading army down …

There must have been other soldiers in the area i started taking fire in my general direction so I ran like hell. It was bloody tense few minutes after getting some distance away I found some cover and scaned the area, and nearly had a heart attack

note to other freedom fighters the resource site may be a bit much for us to take on yet !

I made it back to the hq and stowed the bounty from the raid in the arsenal box


IIRC that 12mm rifle is large caliber but short cased so literally can’t go further than a SMG can.

Edit: NOPE! I stand brutally corrected. It’s a massive Anti-material .50 cal beast.

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You might be thinking of the wierd CSAT SF gun that came with Apex/Tanoa, that has an underbarrel .50 Beowolf type thingy.


Dunno… It was in one of those Sniper DLC. No underbarrel tho…
I’ll look into it later.

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