The Qaher F313 under goes taxi tests

I’m more interested in seeing what airframes they butchered to piece it together as opposed to its air worthiness.

I don’t think it’s hacked together, Iran has a significant aviation industry that definitely knows how to build a airworthy aircraft. I am more interested in the aerodynamics and stealth capabilities if any.

Unless there’s some pretty significant missing information, they’re going to have a fun time with those inlets when they try to make any turn with a double digit angle of attack. :laughing:

Heh yep, had a good look at home, and well it doesn’t look like this thing is meant to fly. It probably will, but damn look at those wings. This isn’t going to go fast in any case so I wouldn’t worry too much about AOA :smile:

Wouldn’t want to be the one test pilot on that thing.