The real purpose of a CVN.

Something to give @Navynuke99 a laugh…


I found it posted on the ChairForce Facebook group.


I didn’t realize @Navynuke99 was in the business of authoring pamphlets.


Oh, that’s getting around? I believe that was the guys on the Vinson. Even back in my day we used to joke that the planes on deck were there to protect the reactor.


oh that gave me a good chuckle!

Makes sense. The Planes protect the reactors, and the reactors protect feedom, and freedom protects our guns that protect our freedom.

Because #Murcia :slight_smile:

Pish posh…Reactor Dept…a bunch of guys sitting around watching two hot rocks boil water.

CVIC and SUPLOT is where the real action is. :wink:

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The whole purpose of the reactor is to keep the auto-dog machine operating.

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The what machine?

auto-dog machine - noun - The soft ice-cream machine found in one or more wardrooms aboard a USN aircraft carrier. So named because it automatically dispenses ice cream (hence “auto”) and when you select chocolate and dispense a portion, swirling bit as you do, it looks as if a dog has defecated into the bowl (hence “dog”).


I have a wonderful story involving the soft-serve machine on the main mess decks and ORSE.

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Best comment from the Doctrine Man Facebook Group (and it captures carrier life perfectly):

“The combat systems on our warships exist to protect our engineering plants that transport the admin and logistics Sailors from liberty port to liberty port.”