The Right Stuff (Disney+)

New tv series on Disney+ starting in October. :rocket:


Hopefully it’s as good as the Moovie.

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Dang…it looks like that got similar actors to play Gordo Cooper and Trudy as what was in the original Right Stuff…if I’m seeing it right…

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And the book. Still one I re-read every year or so.

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I got chills. Heck Yeah!

They filmed part of it around here, my daughter tried to get a part playing one of the astronaut’s kids.

Nice! Really hope this gets some ‘critical mass’ and starts an Aerospace themed TV series cold war with Netflix, HBO, and Amazon.

It feels like we’re jusssssssttttt about at the point in history where CG can reliably, realistically, and affordably (within “TV” budget ranges) make that happen.

Related: I want to see Red Storm Rising as an HBO mini-series.


As much as I want to see Red Storm Rising in a movie or mini series, I just dont think they can do it justice. There is so much going on in it.

Yeah, makes sense. I think if they did it as two seasons, one from the Nato side, and one from the Warsaw pact side, they could pull it off. Figure two 12 episode seasons gives you 24 hours of story telling time.

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While historical Cold War events have proven to be worthy of attention, there seems a distinct lack of interest in fictional Cold War events, like Clancy’s books, since the end of it.

Every Clancy film/show has been made contemporary. Not one was a period piece. HfRO was supposed to be a couple of years earlier, but it had the benefit of coming out before the USSR fell. There was a Cardinal in the Kremlin film in the works at one point, but it fell through when it was “decided” that viewers wouldn’t care about seeing the head of the KGB when the USSR and KGB were gone now.

Sum of all Fears got made because it was redone with a destabilized Russia instead of the USSR, which around the turn of the century was a real concern. Yet while Vietnam, WWII, and other past eras seemed worthy of a period treatment, setting a Cold War film US vs USSR in the 80s never seemed to resonate with studios to think that viewers would want it.

All the best Cold War films and series IMO were made during it. Yet many of the best WWII, Vietnam, and obviously pre-WWII ones were made well after.

I have this sinking feeling that we are not quite out of the woods yet.

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Oh man. This.


A friendly PSA that this series has started. 2 episodes have been posted. :rocket:


Oooh nice one!! Thanks @Chaz

Just watched the first episode. Liked it.


How sterilized is it? The Right Stuff is one of my favorite books and movies, and a friend and I were talking after the announcement of our worry that Disney would idealize and pull punches on the astronauts in the name of their brand of family-friendly.

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Just in case:

So far Glenn is pictured as a boy scout that wants desperately to be famous and Shepard will screw anything with a pulse…
There’s animosity between Shepard and Glenn and I don’t feel that they are sugarcoating it… Not yet, anyway.


I was surprised they included the stuff with Jim Rathmann. The dealership was sold a decade ago, but when I moved here ~20 years ago Jim Rathmann Chevrolet was still open down on US 1 with his Indy 500 car in the main room.

They filmed a lot of it around here and my daughter auditioned to try and get a spot as one of the astronaut’s kids.


I’m enjoying it…whether it is accurate or not…I don’t care…it’s fun. The Navy vs. Marine Corp rivalry is quite funny…and similar to what was portrayed (but in different ways) in the original movie.

Fun seeing all the period costumes, cars, and personalities.


Late to the party here, the wife and I are enjoying this very much. We are up to the “Vostok” flight and its very cool.