The Rise of the Broncos


Apparently you have to be really fat with short little arms to fly the thing.


It’s the real reason they’re being neglected in the US’ inventory. Finding pilots with the correct geometric profile is just impossible.

Breeding programs and genetic modification were considered, but deemed too risky for their potential political fallout.


I’ve always loved the OV-10, such a odd but effective plane.

Solid solution to that aft CG problem…

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Just trim it out!


In the process of rebuilding my P3D install. Definitely will add this.

Wow that looks awesome!

Of course on the free side (less detailed) of things, theres Tim Conrad’s awesome OV-10 (for FSX). I’d post the link but Simviation appears down this morning.

Edit: North American Rockwell OV-10A Package for FSX
This appears to be the same package as the one I was looking for.

I’ve had the Bronco for a yr & what a blast to fly. The main reasons this is in my fleet is the visibility out of the cockpit and ya gotta luv the sound of those turbo props.

Now this is the “BUMMER” side of the aircraft. Aerosoft is not goin to support any future updates for the Bronco so it’ll have to rely on someone to step up to the plate w/ a sharp pen & good imagination ALSO, it’s not supported by P3D v3, just v2. I wish someone could come up w/ a add on for this. I don’t have a prob holdin on to v2 just for this plane. I haven’t seen or heard of any compatible 3 party add ons.

I would be a blast if a couple of guys could fly around together in the Bronco. Anyway, my 2 cents…

I’m running it in P3D V3.2.3 no problem. I installed the original Bronco X for FSX with the migration tool, then disabled redirection in the tool, and ran the Bronco X 1.12 update. Works fine.

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Chip, thanks for your reply and help. Please bear w/ me cause my knowledge of downloading & “redirecting” files is zero. If you have the time could you please explain step by step what you did?

1.) “I installed the original Bronco X for FSX with the migration tool”.

  • Did you go back into Aerosoft & buy the FSX version then Installed it into P3D v3 using the migration tool?
  • Instructions using a migration tool?

2.) “then disabled redirection in the tool”
Whoa, you lost me here??

3.) “and ran the Bronco X 1.12 update”
Wasn’t aware there was an update? Was this an FSX update and did you get the update from Aerosoft’s site?