The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


With the fast and furious rate of Russian video creation (I’m wondering what the ratio of video editing to sortie hours flown might be?) - I guess we should just have a consolidated video thread. As a fan of military aviation - I don’t really care that it’s propaganda or anything…I just like cool shiny things that go zoom… So if you like, place your Russian videos here.

*One caveat - we don’t need to see tank commanders getting blown out of turrets or cannons tearing up terrorists. I get that there is an odd hypocrisy about liking military hardware, but then censoring some stuff, but there are plenty of sites to visit to view that kind of material.


Watching that video made me think of the f111 (again). Something about swing wing aircraft that makes me go oooh aaahhh


Yeah…the F-111 is seriously sexy (as is the B-1)…


I’m more intrigued by the 4 su-35s sitting there on the ramp



Good to know they have adders there with them too, those are some sexy jets


Some nice footage of the new Russian SR-10 trainer…this actually looks DCS-worthy… And man, that airport runway is beat up…! I wonder if it will have hard-points or if it will just be a non-weapons trainer…


‘The poor man’s Su-47 Berkut’ is all I could think when I saw that plane xD


How much are the home build kits for that thing…I like it.


I know right? That looks like an off-the-shelf Garmin huh…


Looks like similar tech to Iran’s 5th gen, the venerable F-313



I hesitate to put this here, as we can all clearly see it’s an A-10 attacking the city in this video.

edit: I was more taking a jab at the Russian Foreign Ministries… er… poor aircraft identification abilities over the last few days. I don’t think this gory, but if it violates the ethos of the thread, I’ll pull it.


just kidding… I am surprised at the use of cluster munitions, or what looks like cluster munitions to amy uneducated self, in a city like that.


I was wandering the same. Maybe used to deter or defeat roof top combatants without causing much building damage, or at least it didn’t look like much building damage, i really have no idea.


I cant imagine dropping any size bomb on a building, especially in that number, is good for any building.


Russian has developed a UGV (?) type mini tank that will be extremely useful against defenders using flaming plywood barriers. A very specific threat to be sure.

All joking aside though, from a firepower standpoint, it does sport 30mm and 7.62 guns and 9M120 missiles - so they little tyke does pack some punch!



Some nice footage here…

(Their lack of F-14 and F-111 coverage is despicable however…)

The Bear coming out of the clouds at 2:40 is incredible…


Nice video!


Its definitely a disturbance in the force


Ukrainian…so not technically Russian…but what the heck…