The sweet science of blowing stuff up, or how I stopped worrying and loved the bomb

As we all know, blowing things up is fun. It is even more fun when they blow up good(1), and/or when they are hard to blow up(2). It’s frustrating when things refuse to get blown up(3), or blow up underwhelmingly(4).

Now there’s a lot of science to blowing things up. So much so, that some people(5) dedicate themselves to laying out plans on how to make the things go boom, or at least cease being useful to the adversary most effectively.

Sometimes the adversary takes a passive approach to keep their stuff functional. By making it very tough™ or by putting tons of soil or concrete on top of it. But a passive apporach has its drawbacks. Every armour can be breached, just make a heavier arrow or make it go faster.

So often to keep things from getting blown up, one takes an active approach. Try throwing subsonic cruise missiles at a US CVBG and it becomes a frustrating exercise in futility unless you go with every Tu-22M ever built at once and from every point on the compass rose. Why? Because of the insane amount of accurate fire it throws up at the incoming.

Taking a que from that, many ground targets are also actively defended. The SA-15 is a fine example of a point defence SAM that takes out incoming missiles like a hungry gecko takes out flies.

And so it goes, round and round. Blue figures out a way to make things go boom, Red devises a counter to keep the things from going boom. And Blue gets to go back to the drawing board.

Here’s a nice example of a Blue player having figured out another step in the game:

All fun and games of course, unless it’s real, then it’s not a game, nor is it much fun (for Red)

I hope this thread can and will contain all your target-specific tricks such as the above SLAM-ER programming trick. So how many licks does it take to get to the center of the ammo dump?

(1) The Ammo Dump object in DCS is one of the most satisfying targets to hit, you’ll know it when you do!
(2) Bunkers for example, or Main Battle Tanks.
(3) A certain building in Vegas.
(4) That very high tower in Dubai
(5) These people tend to be very nice, but not to the ceilings of their house.


I often fly the Hornet instant action beginning hot on the ramp . I load up a targeting pod , 4 Mav-F’s , and a couple of MK-82 's and go practice on the ships at harbor in Batumi . The one furthest north often blows very impressively .
Alternatively , the airport about 28 miles east of Kholki will allow one well-placed Mav-F to take out an Il-76 , the hangar behind it , and a truck parked next to the hangar .
A lot of my flying involves navigation and IFR practice , but I am just redneck enough to find something going “Boom , shaka-laka-laka” to be occasionally entertaining !

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Blowing up ships is fun, but can be very hard if they shoot back. That’s when you need a buddy. Or twenty :wink:


Anti-shipping is indeed a delight.

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