The Ultimate Home Pit Setup?

This may be the most ultimate home cockpit setup that I have ever seen. Amazing.

Check out the website as well: link

A-10C Startup Sequence

Assembling the Setup from Storage

I am very impressed! He must be using a number of external displays. It blows my mind!


Love it and admire his ingenuity, but isn’t all of this hardware going to become irrelevant once VR proliferates? In other words, I was a nanosecond from buying a curved 34" monitor until I watched this…

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I was planning on getting a chair for my throttle and stick at least and then a vive for my headtracking and immersion, but this just takes the cake.:grin:

The problem is still interacting with the cockpit. Having to grab another controller (albeit mouse or Vive controller) to flick a switch or adjust something is hard to do in VR. Its the 'virtual part of virtual reality that we need to overcome next.

A little bird told me that Muspike has a VR AAR coming up soon to help answer that question. :bird:

I think that physical pits and the switches are a real part of a tactile home sim experience, plus it must be fun to shop, build and set-up, and part of the hobby. I’m keen on VR, but I can see a place for real pits for a long time to come.


Those in-home cockpits are impressive, with all the work and lovin that goes into them. I settled on a fairly small and portable ‘flight desk’ for my flight sim gear. The Warthog is screwed on and all USB cords go to a 7-port flanged hub that is mounted under where the calculator is. There is an AC power cord and one USB cord to the computer - unplug those and the whole thing lifts up and away. IMHO those sim pits, and all-inclusive chairs, are too restrictive.

I’m not so sure I could spend as much time in a VR headset as I do at my flight desk.


Absolutely stunning A-10 pit, really admire what these guys do, be it for a military aircraft or even a civilian airliner, it takes real clarity of vision to set out and build your dream home dedicated cockpit like that.

Like most Simmers I fly all sorts of different simulation types though and need to keep it all generic, so for me I’ve settled on still keeping everything on a desk, have tried to make everything as quickly interchangeable as possible for different types of flying IE: Yoke or Stick use for both Military and Civilian types (even wheel usage for driving stuff) and slowly but surely I’m getting to where I’m totally happy with.

I have the Thrustmaster MFD’s too and for a while have been wanting to use real screens with them, know its possible but also read its not straight forward either, if there was some sort of correct ratio and easy to use and set up third party LCD screens for the TM MFD’s I’d be on it and pay a fair price.

Someone mentioned curved ultra wide screens? I bought a Dell U3415W recently that is a 34" curved display, was a bit cautious about buying it but having owned it for a while now its just stunning in all that I do, have a CV1 for July delivery too and I think they will both have good usage, at least until VR gets even higher resolutions and is even more refined and it possibly takes over completely for simulation application? Be interesting to see how it all pans out for sure in the future.

All good points. Having spent a fair number of hours with FPV goggles flying/racing drones, I’m well aware of the challenges of getting correct eye relief for optimal sharpness. Fogging can happen without a ventilation fan as well. Clearly they won’t work for everyone.

A replica cockpit with a large curved screen would be definitely high on my bucket list. But given that my age, income, and a future of putting 3 individuals through college shed a very dim light on that fantasy. VR googles seem to give maximum return for the investment, as long as one doesn’t mind navigating switches and knobs with a mouse.

Then there is always the problem of dealing with inlaws when your wife proudly displays your man cave. “So this is where our grand daughter’s college fund has been spent, you worthless bastage.”

BTW, like your setup WreckingCrew.

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B738 sim pit of death.