The Warthog Project - 2.7 update

I’m sure most of us have seen this project evolve over the years. Here’s the latest update and flex.


That’s a work of art. Would love to have the choice of VR or a wrap around projection set-up. VR is nice, but it’s really ‘isolating’ and coming up for air after 3 hours is quite the ‘red face ring’ experience.

The way he’s geo-located his real cockpit like that in VR is very impressive. I wonder in his case that some form of AR mix would work in the future? So you’d get to see your real stuff in the headset, but the outside view is then regular VR. Something with good cameras (better than the Microsoft Holodeck units) would work.

I wonder in the future if ugly peripherals that feel right and come in a kit is the way to go for VR, as in build a cockpit that looks awful but it ‘feels’ right as you reach around, with hand/finger controllers? If common units like MFDs and UFCs could be swapped around in positions it would be possible to easily switch between a few aircraft.

It reminds me of when I did the The Void VR - Star Wars Secrets of the Empire thing, in that when you walk around the big rooms touching stuff it is so immersive - and when I peaked under the headset then R2 was just a metal shape in the right place, but in VR he was exactly in the right place and chirping away. So cool.


Yeah, this guy is talented, and determined.

Saw someone mention something similar, though very simple, for VR and the PointCTRL thingie; they placed a board (actually 3) in front of them, one for left/right side of Hornet and one in the middle, proportioned correctly. Just flat boards but when they went to push a MFD button it, according to them, “just felt right”. Made sense.

Just a plain, simple, bunch of surfaces.

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Yeah, exactly - a sort of ‘buttons / rotaries / switches like lego’ set on mountable boards, where they don’t have to do anything or look good, just feel right. Actually, I guess they could provide inputs, as hand tracking can be a bit loose, so just a generic USB input device to map up. The HOTAS is all still needed of course, but for some other around the cockpit things it might be interesting.

I would love to have a tactile gear lever to slap down on landing.

In some machines, right clicking the gear lever has dire consequences. It’s a mistake easily made using a pointCTRL.