The Witness

My wife bought this (she likes puzzles, I don’t) and I joined in on her game. Don’t want to spoil anything (discovery is a big part of the fun) but it’s fantastic. Way deeper than would first appear.

Very much recommended.

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Is it an adult age level thing? And you can play MP somehow?

It starts off simple but becomes incredibly hard. It’s a fair game, in that all the puzzles have a logical progression. When you get somewhere you feel like a genius, and a fool on retrospect for not working it out sooner, but until then it feels pretty impossible and disorientating.

The MP is the ‘pull up a chair and try to help figure it out’ sort of thing. Old school.

Sounds good - looked at the images on the Steam page and it has a really unique artistic style to it - looks fun.

And the old pull up the chair MP is the best…LOL… Unless you are with someone who can’t figure out how to work a mouse or something…then you get that nervous tick in your hand where you want to take over…


I like slightly weird puzzle games. Might check that one out when it gets a bit cheaper.