The Yo-Yo Resolution Monitor

Hi Fellas and felines,
There is something that happens every time I start my VR headset (O+). My resolution changes. This has led to several problems. I cant play IL2 1946 becuse of this. The resolution changes constantly. I have a 34 inch LG that is about 3 years old. Its a nice monitor. My native Res is 3440x2560 (I think).
Is there a way to lock the resolution so that VR is not affected?

The info above is wrong. It runs at 3440x1440. When I turn on VR it runs at 2560x1080. This is the monitor now…

What seems to be happening the bandwidth of the graphics port is being exceeded. Is the O+ considered a monitor to the OS? Is it sharing a port somehow?

I dont think it was separate. Its all a mess and I can’t figure it out.