TheHunter: Call of the wild...

Truly the most realistic hunting game ever made, boring… like most of real hunting, but a big jolt when you finally get your prey… a hunt can take from 30 mins to 3 hours, if you so wish too. lol

Sylvia took a picture of me playing the most realistic hunting game ever, TheHunter: Call of the Wild. I fell asleep, and Astra reacts to the animal noises.


The map is F’ing huge too! Both maps! Its a grind to unlock good equipment, well better equipment, but I think once thats done it will make it more enjoyable! Dont get me wrong its very enjoyable at low levels too.

Very atmospheric game too. And more animals then I thought, I was out wandering around trying to find something to shoot and I found coyote tracks. I didnt even know coyotes were in the game…

I wish that my hunts were as short as 3 hours. Deer must run to the next county when I get out of the car LOL.

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Just don’t go to dinner with General Zaroff…

Oh @Magnum50 which map you hunting on?

American one… don’t remember name… Lets have a contest see who can sneak up on a animal and smack it in the ass. lol

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LOL! 10/10 execution on the collage Magnum. :+1: Had a good laugh there.

I also picked up Call of the Wild on sale months ago because, well, I love guns … and bows for that matter.

Tried it once, thought it looked GREAT, haven’t played it since. :grin:

You’d win lol! I scare more then I even see!

Finally got my first buck!

Came up on a doe and decided to get her to get more XP and when I shot her a herd of deer ran off, I saw where they went and watched them for a bit, I then saw a bear and some coyotes and when I pulled my binoculars out I noticed some antlers moving in the tall grass by the lake. I waited for a bit and he came out to greet the does and I took my shot!

Also did some exploring which got me some nice shots.

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Decided to go for a walk again to try to explore more of the map. Got side tracked right away, but it was worth it.

My first gold kill. Count 14 points on this fella too.

After find the big guy, I saw this in the deep brush.

Its hard to see but pretty much right in line with the tree you can see antlers,

What makes it gold, I’ve been having great heart/lung shots but nothing more then bronze. Nice pics


So the trophy rating +Quick kill + integrity kill + consecutive harvest = score.

So hypothetically, you could kill an outstanding buck at the beginning of your hunt, and have a low consecutive harvest percentage and get a gold instead of a diamond. However if you know your harvest percentage is low, you could kill said buck and mark its location and go off and kill 5 other animals and harvest them to get your consecutive harvest score up and then come back and harvest said buck and get a diamond.

I think the consecutive harvest percentage mechanic needs some work. I understand why they put it in there, It makes you harvest your kill, however it a 30 point buck is a 30 point buck no matter how many animals you have harvested before it.