Thermaltake AH T600 Snow Helicopter Styled Open Frame Tempered Glass Full Tower Case

What the heck is this monstrosity…?

Or maybe I’m wrong and some of you will like this… Thing.


I prefer simple and functional than stylish.
Corsair 750D airflow edition + filters from the regular edition…I own two of them!

Also, not a fan of glass cases when you have children around. That and many of them don’t “seal” so it’s just more avenues for dust.

This is mine. I fricking love Iron Man.

But I would definitely trade up to that beautiful white one given a chance


This is Mine. I like them simple…

With LOTS of room!

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No , yo are correct with your first guess. I hate it.


It looks like a diaper washer machine :sunglasses:

I am a minimalist by nature … but that would fit with the flight sim nature of my setup, which already is over the top with peripherals, a custom modified car seat, etc. It would be tempting :slight_smile:

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Hah I always thought it was pronounced thermal-tok-e. Maybe thats just my Asian pc accessory company bias showing.

But seriously that case is bad ass. My son would love that. It looks like a transformer or something.



Same. Kinda how my pickup truck is coming along after 15 years

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I tried that with my ex-wife but she was neither…not all three for that matter…so…TMI? :grimacing: