Theseus' PC

Pics, or it didn’t happen!

Reinstalled windows, retiring the oldest SATA SSD (only 256gb :roll_eyes:)
Activation went swimmingly. The thing just wanted me to log in, and confirm I had changed up the hardware. Yes sir, I did change the hardware. In fact, only the outer shell and a couple of discs remain :wink:
Microsoft sure have come a long way :smiley:

Oh ffs. I thought I’d have plenty USB ports on the new hotness. Turns out, I don’t. Now I need to wait for a couple USB brackets to get delivered. (the board has plenty headers, just not enough ports)

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There are never enough USB ports!

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…and of course all dcs bindings are frelled. Whoopee! I love doing bindings!

Worth it though. Things is mad fast. Blazing!


You can recover them.
Use the device Ids from the new config files and swap then into your old files. Then put old files in new folder. Ta-dah!


Yup, copypasting strings of alphanumeric is fun too :smiley:

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Ah geez. So I had the one bad stick of ram. Turned out they wanted me to send back the entire set. Been without a working box for a forkin week now.

Next time someone has the dumbs and states intent to buy four sticks of ram in one set instead of two sets, slap him. Slap the dumb out of him.

Stupid webshop. And dumb me. Should have asked for a refund and bought it elsewhere. In two packs.


I did the same thing. Bought 4x the best I could get. 1 bad one means I’m stuck with 16gb. Took me too long to diagnose and I couldn’t send it back…

I’ve often wondered about sticking in 3 sticks to see what would happen but never got around to it. I’m actually half sure it might even be a bad slot on the board but i haven’t got the energy or finances to fault find. I’ll wait till the replacement fund is restocked and just change the lot.

If it is a bad stick then it is highly likely you can put in the third stick and it will be accepted by the mainboard. It will be a good idea to check the Mainboard manual for the correct slots.

When i have had to check Ram i have done each alone and then in pairs for both sticks and slots.

It could also be worth to check whether you have a bend CPU pin as that can also render a Ram slot inoperable.
And that is whether if it is pins on the CPU or pins in the Socket.


Ok, I didnt realise that. I thought they had to be fitted in pairs. So I could get myself up to 24gig at least till I upgrade possibly. That would help

I’ll give it a go. Thanks Dan :blush:

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@Victork2 RAM is almost always sold with a lifetime warranty. RMA the bad stick. You still can.

As promised here is a pic of the tight arrangement of the cooler. I had to jam the bloody things in there quite forcefully but not to such a degree that things are breaking.

Google Photos

Perhaps that other forum ( were right in telling me to just get a new case. But then it would be a new PC to my mind, and not the same machine with some parts replaced theseus’ ship is a philosophical thought experiment dating back to Aristotle’s time iirc. If you replace all the planking of a ship over time, is it still the same ship? :wink:

Google Photos

As you can see it shouldn’t have much problems sucking in fresh air. On top of the case is a Big Motherlover of a fan sucking air out. The mounting is ganz professionel done with tierips. Hey it works!

Look at it this way - the cells in your body die and are replaced yet you still claim to be the same person. So get a giant new case and enjoy!

…or perhaps you don’t claim to be the same person, in which case have you planned your next MudSpike account name? :wink:


Yeah identity is mostly about the name and story associated with it. Or, seen from another perspective, a useful illusion shared and maintained by those accepting a thing as being a thing, or having an identity.

So my computer is still my computer because I believe it to be and managed to convince Micro$oft of that belief as well :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I got notice the RAM is on its way. Finally little schurem gets to fly again.


So I received a new package of the shiny ram that gave me such grief. Well it aint done yet.

I installed it. The machine booted! I flew a bit, and it was hella fast. So good. That night, we flew fight club, and not a hiccup.

The next day I wanted to play some Assassins Creed. This kept crashing. Huh. So I booted up DCS, give that Liberation thing a go. I flew merrily over the gulf until suddenly… Brrrzrrrt bluescreen. Something something file corruption. So I ran a repair. Decided to redownload the terrains. 40gb. It conked out about ten gigs in.

So I chkdsk. And re-checked drivers. And a memory test.

The memory test returned errors. F me.

Thinking of ripping all the new stuff out, boxing it up and sending it back. I want my money back. This stuff aint working. I strongly suspect the motherboard is Sick On Arrival.

Something isn’t looking right with your ram locks in that pic . They should all look the same . I’d pull the ram , make sure all locks are flipped outwards and reinstall , then make sure they’re all flipped to the lock position . I have also had ram difficulties caused by shoehorning components . Part of me wants to scream at you “For God’s sake man , get a case !”

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Retesting the RAM. First batch of two in the red slots checked out. There’s four slots, two red, two black. I just swapped them out, now the other two in the red slots, memory test running.


I might have missed it, but are you running the XMP on the ram? Might be a timing/voltage issue. Would be unlikely that you would get two bad ram kits. Also, are you overclocking? Some times OC’ing can cause RAM instability.

I would try everything at base speeds including the ram and see how it worked, might be worth trying if you haven’t already.

It’s at base speeds yeah, crazy fast ram tho, 4000mhz 18-22-22-22-42

4000mhz is not what it runs at stock, its SPD speed is 2133mhz like pretty much every other ddr4 stick. You have to O.C. it with XMP to get it to 4000, which is what Gskill has guaranteed it to run at. If you go in bios and turn off XMP it will go to its default speed. Like Wes mentioned above, sometimes XMP can cause issues, I would go in bios and see what voltage its getting, try some tests without it. You didn’t mention BIOS that I noticed so not sure if you’ve been that thorough yet in your testing.

If you’ve done all that already, disregard.