“They Shall Not Grow Old”

This is a must see for me.. Two nights only as a theatrical release here in the US. I’ve seen December 17, 18, and 27 as dates so check with your theater. If I understand the story correctly, a museum in the England partnered with Peter Jackson to revive, retime and colorize footage to something close to perfection. The film will be shown in public schools throughout the UK.

[EDIT: Aww Man! I am going to miss it. I am in the simulator both days :cry:]


Looking at Raleigh now. Thanks for the heads up- I know some folks who will really appreciate knowing about this.

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Just bought my ticket in Atlanta for the 17th in 3D.

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I hope they have a toilet in that simulator if you’re stuck inside it that long…

Prebrief is 2 hours. Sim is 4 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle and usually a swap of pilot flying after the break. Then there is a 30 minute post brief. Probably more than you wanted to know. In my case the single show time at the theater conflicts with the training blocks on those days. I am sure there will be other chances. Maybe a museum visit will be in order.

A friendly reminder. Showtime is tomorrow, December 17.


Thanks. Lady Chipwich has given me the thumbs up for tonight. 3D version 7PM it is. Getting good reviews.

Why is it up for only two days?

I would imagine that the film is minimally funded due to the content as compared with something like Saving Private Ryan. Sometimes flims get limited release prior to general in order to gauge audience and critical reception, then enter wider release with good reviews.

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Ok. I thought, since movie is finished, why not show it.

I don’t think it was inteded to be made for theatrical release. Maybe given the 100th anniversary of the war’s end and Petter Jackson’s desire that a wider audience be given a chance to see it, this was the compromise. This is not all that unusual over here. Cinemas often screen live performances like operas for one or two days. You’ll see in the showtimes of large cinemas one-night screenings of say, Carmen or The Magic Flute.

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Yes, I think this was supposed to be something to air on the BBC alone but it turned out so well that provision was made for a limited theatrical run.

I’m not going to get a chance to see this on the big screen, but I will most definitely pick it up once it hits the iTunes Store. Last week I picked up “Spitfire, the plane that saved the world”, which was well worth watching too.

Just got back. It was excellent and if one can make the showing on the 27th here in the States one should.

Having said that, be advised: it is not a documentary in the traditional sense, and the amazing camera techniques make the realities of war in general, and trench warfare in particular, even more horrifying. It is not holiday fare!

Jackson also hosts a 20 minute “making of” that is also fascinating. He worked on this for years and probably funded most of it. Clearly he is in the passion project phase of his career (one could argue he has always been) and this was an important one for him.


My thoughts mirror @Tankerwade’s. If available, suggest watching in 3D. The experience was like being in the trenches in VR. Frightening at times. WWI in the words and trough the eyes of British soldiers.


Definitely going to try and check this one out when its available online.