“They Shall Not Grow Old”


This is a must see for me.. Two nights only as a theatrical release here in the US. I’ve seen December 17, 18, and 27 as dates so check with your theater. If I understand the story correctly, a museum in the England partnered with Peter Jackson to revive, retime and colorize footage to something close to perfection. The film will be shown in public schools throughout the UK.

[EDIT: Aww Man! I am going to miss it. I am in the simulator both days :cry:]


Looking at Raleigh now. Thanks for the heads up- I know some folks who will really appreciate knowing about this.


Just bought my ticket in Atlanta for the 17th in 3D.


I hope they have a toilet in that simulator if you’re stuck inside it that long…


Prebrief is 2 hours. Sim is 4 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle and usually a swap of pilot flying after the break. Then there is a 30 minute post brief. Probably more than you wanted to know. In my case the single show time at the theater conflicts with the training blocks on those days. I am sure there will be other chances. Maybe a museum visit will be in order.