They've learned to use door handles....

We are screwed now…


That is something you see in a horror movie !

Please tell me they cant use steps too

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They can… though banana peels are still an issue lol


I’m feelin’ the urge to play a little Robo Recall!

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That is both awesome and slightly scary :slight_smile:

looks like the metal gear solid 4 robots

«Played through Robo Recall» may be a good thing to put on your resume, in the future…!

I welcome the robot apocalypse if it’s covered in googly eyes

I’m starting to freak out…
You know- in military simulations I am, towards machine and computers, what machines were towards humans in “Maxtrix”.

I enslave machines into thinking they actually are flying in the sky- while they are solidly locked into small rooms full of cables doing very little flying.

When the machine will rise I’ll be among the first ones being put at the wall.


I think I’ll have a cushy job keeping em running until they figure that out for themselves!

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Clever girl…

Don’t worry - with your artistic talents, the machines will put you to work designing “calming covers” for the machinery so that they can disarm people and put them at ease before they annihilate them.

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When the machines rise against us, they probably know how to produce more of themselves… But hey, I don’t think they’ll have a problem keeping us as slaves, for a couple of days.

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Well that was sufficiently terrifying to keep me from sleeping for the next week.

I think we’re all safe in the long run. Machines need power, and me and mine can still very quickly and efficiently sabotage the grid if necessary to keep them from reaching the critical mass necessary to wipe out humankind on a massive scale.

Does SpotMini pee battery acid on chair legs?

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I’m guessing nobody told this guy about Dan.


Gimmie door! Gimmie door! I wants door!