Things that make you go, hmmmmm



It does indeed make me go ”hmmmm”, because I have absolutely no idea why you posted that…?

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Because it implies incoming VR hands for Microsoft flight simulator, which is something many people have been missing and hoping for.

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That MSFS will be ported to PS4… :wink:

Been a while since they mentioned they are working on VR controller support…
Good that something is happening!

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I hate to be the downer (again) but… does it?
Those controllers can easily be used without any VR at all, they have normal buttons and axes on them.

Sure, but why? Asobo are working on VR controller support, so it should just be a matter of time.

Two files are not a roadmap. They are just two files. :slight_smile:

Six files… :wink:

I’ll clean my glasses :smiley:

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I’ll still be up using my HOTAS or Yoke and the mouse. Hand tracking is what we need.

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Unless you’re talking about possibly the Leap Motion, hand tracking on current headsets such as the Quest are often much less accurate in real life than they appear in ads and in the news.

So much so that they verge on being useless at times in any practical sense.

And that might remain true for quite a while I think, since there appears to be little hew and cry for improvements in the technology.

In my VR demos etc. thread, I just now (in honor of your post) added one of the games/demos demonstrating the currently emerging state of the (Quest) art.

I guess my main point is that you can’t hold a yoke/stick and a controller at the same time, and a mouse just needs you to place your hand on it, so it is an easier transition than switching from stick to VR controller.

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As long as I remember to use the lanyard to keep the controller handy, I’ve never had much problem switching back and forth. Others mileage may vary, though.

Hand controllers in VR will be nice in MSFS. They said (I think) the next update is probably going to have them (sim update 5, I’ve sort of lost track). The other peripherals like the PS4 controller, Warthog etc are probably part of having to ‘Xbox Controller’ convert the UI for the upcoming Xbox release this summer. Lots of new flyers coming out, so should be interesting to see how the flight sim community reacts to that. :slight_smile:

VR hand controllers are the Devil’s handy craft :rofl:.

No wait, that would be Virpil, looking at how much I’ve sent them over the last 2 years,

Captoglove is the answer surely

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Them things is expensive!

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