Things to do in VR (DCS)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been less present lately. With a new job, a new hobby (board games, gf’s idea) and the heat (too sweaty for VR) this summer, I’ve gone a while without serious flight simming.

Any tips on things to do now?
Some pointers:

  • DCS was always much better in VR performance for me than X-Plane 11 (i5-4XXX CPU, GTX 980Ti GPU
  • DCS modules I own: FC3, all helicopters, MiG-15Bis, M-2000C, some WWII planes. The first 3 paid maps: NTTR, PG, Normandy
  • Other sims: X-Plane 11, Elite:Dangerous

The last time I flew DCS, I tried some instant action missions and a User Files Su-25A (always liked that plane) campaign in PG, but it just didn’t click like VR flying used to do. Not sure if it was the lower graphics of FC3 cockpits, the lower framerate of PG vs Caucasus, or something else.

I was hoping you guys would have some tips on what to do with these, some cool updates that happened since last Winter or cool campaigns I should try.

I hope it’s just my computer holding me back, but am afraid I’m losing the madness we share. In which case an expensive VR capable rig would be a waste.

Please help me Muspike.


welcome back @freak!

The new Syria map is great! It looks very good, there are plenty of tactical options and the terrain is very varied. It’s great for helicopter ops. Normandy has seen some nice campaigns added to it over the last few years. We also have the P-47D now in case you might be interested in another warbird.

Some other new releases as well. The Channel map came out, some campaigns and the super carrier (but it seems you don’t own any naval jets other than the Su-33).

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Thanks for your reply!
I feel like I barely flew Persian Gulf yet, not that interested in another desert map to be honest, though it is probably (again) better than the previous maps.

I noticede some M-2000C in this year’s changelogs, is it worth re-learning yet? Seems there is a new campaign for it as well. I’ve been thinking I should re-learn it (enjoyed the Caucasus campaign a lot when it was pretty much complete the first time, before the re-vamp), is it done yet?

Syria is a much better map than PG, I had a break too for much the same reasons as yourself. Now I am really enjoying the new Syria map and learning the F14, FA18 and the F16 :blush: I have never been that keen on campaigns but the quality seems to be a lot better now especially 3rd party ones.
We also had a series of learning aircraft for a month. The Mi8 and viggen where the 2 I partook of. Something similar should be organised for another plane soon I hope. Also MS2020 is out and VR support is coming to that too.
Keep flying :airplane:

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Have you flown Museum Relic for the MiG-15 yet? If not, do so.

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I’m going to do the predictable thing (I have been quite vocal about my love for the Hip) and recommend the Mi-8 and the Oilfields campaign.

It’s a “civilian” campaign, all about navigation, heavy loads, tricky weather and sling loads etc. with pretty funny scripted voice chat by the crew. Missions range from routine cargo missions to helping out with a car accident and all sorts of other unexpected events. Quite different to “blow up x”. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been on a DCS hiatus so I’ve got one mission left - but I can confirm at least the first 15 of the 16 missions in the campaign were good fun.


Thanks for the recommendations! I used to fly the Mi-8 in a multiplayer group and that was the best time I’ve had in DCS, so I should definitely check out the Oilfield campaign.
The MiG-15Bis is a new addition, so I should check out the Museum Relic campaign too.

I suppose the new M-2000C campaign (Coup d’Etat) is as good as any Baltic Dragon product, did any of you try that yet?


Yes absolutely. Been flying it for a bit in Blue Flag, The 550 is quite a potent short range missile, the magic II’s are okay’ish but fun to use.

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Small update on my diving back into VR Simming:

I was about to buy the Oilfield campaign, when I read the text on the store page:

Meet a group of old friends: captain Jury Maksimovich Protasov and his Mi-8MTV2 crew. After the events of the “Spring Tension” conflict, they are again in business together

… and realized I had only flown the first few missions of the Spring Tension campaign, even though I enjoyed them a lot. I stopped flying them when I joined the aforementioned multiplayer group and spent all my Mi-8 flight time with them. After that came the Mirage, and I just never picked it up again.

So today I continued with the Spring Tension campaign, and it was a blast! Much smoother than the Persian Gulf, nice crew interactions and most importantly: the feeling of immersion and presence was back!

I will definitely buy the Oilfield campaign as soon as I get stuck on having to aim with this cargo chopper (I suck at aiming rockets when flying things with swirly blades on them), but for now, I’m having a blast!

Thanks everyone for your help and advice!

By the way, is anyone else on stable release?

P.S. if it stays like this, I can probably justify a new pc when all the new GPUs have hit the market. :smiley:

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