Things we don't need but will buy

Item #1


Not the first time I read about this. IIRC Logitech* did create something like that with a vibrating thing for the desk and the air being whoooshed to your face could be hot or cold…

*Wasn’t Logitech. Still googling.

I want that! I want two of them!
Imagine pulling the canopy back in your Spitfire and lean out in the slipstream, and actually feel it! :wink:

Oh! Oh! Yes! Make this work with «Flying Circus»!!

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I’d be cool if it kicks on when my canopy blows off as I’m rolling down the runway in DCS.

Not that that has ever happened. I mean, I diligently follow my preflight checklists. Yeah.


I am just waiting to buy a small usb fan, clip it to the top of my monitor and sitback and wait for dcs mi24 or have a quick go in the mi8 :grin:


+1 for stereo Vortx. :slight_smile: From a VR goggle perspective, that would feel surreal … I mean real … whichever …