Thinking (just thinking) about getting a gaming desktop

Hey folks. I have been thinking (…really… just thinking, that’s all…) about finally upgrading to a desktop for flight sims. My laptop is coming up on 6 years old now, and while I can still run DCS on medium-ish settings, load times are incredibly long, I’d love a bigger screen, and I don’t want to be left behind when we get those sweet new clouds. I was able to run MSFS 2020, but on pretty low settings, and I’d like to be able to run that at some point as well. My son liked MSFS and has been playing Halo MCC and Star Wars Squadrons lately, so I think I can justify some “family value” here at some point.

The goal here is a system upgrade, but also to get into something that I can upgrade over time. So the type of system I’m looking for is probably what many here would consider a serious downgrade. But it just needs to be better than a 6 year old laptop… I’m handy enough to upgrade things in the future, but I’d rather not build it myself to start. I’m guessing there should be plenty of OTS options that meet what I’m looking for.

Current specs of my laptop are: Sager NP8671 17.3" Notebook, i74720HQ (3.6GHz), GTX 970M (3.0GB), 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 7200RPM HD, 256GB SSD (just for DCS right now)

I’ll need a monitor (probably something basic at 24” is fine) and keyboard as well. Can I do this for < $1000? Any good suggestions?

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I think the hardest thing will be getting a good video card.

I would take a look at the DCS hardware forum, there are usually some folks asking for advice about their proposed rig.

You might also take a look at some of the completed builds on pc part picker to price things out:(

It seems to be easier to get a 30xx series card if you buy a complete system, as the retailers are keeping those back for themselves, as better margins. I think this is what @BeachAV8R did to get two 3070’s…

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I was trying to find the specs of those systems because they sounded great.

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I think Chris must have avoided using a new topic and making them impossible to find to stop Kai from finding out what he was getting for Christmas. :wink:


I bought a 60" Samsung 4K TV. Far better value than a monitor


That must make for some epic gaming!

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