This Flight Simulator Has NUKES

“Lets play global, thermonuclear war”.



I know what I’m downloading tonight!!!
Love the Textron Scorpion looking attack jet. And OV-10-ish prop bird.


Let us know your thoughts @ST0RM great find @HiFlyer


Keep in mind the early access playtest is free right now, just click the button…


As much as I abhor nuclear weapons M.A.D was probably what stopped the cold war going hot… And besides this is only a game!

Bookmarked and on my wishlist :slight_smile:

Took it for a bit of a spin. Definitely more HAWX than DCS. Graphics are previous gen at the moment, no clickable cockpits, etc. Currently having issues getting my stick recognized beyond the XY axis. Then again, there are only about 10 keybinds you need to fly and fight. The feeling of flight is a bit on rails, but the actual action is pretty good. For the price I paid, certainly can’t complain.

Addendum: I tried out the “total war” mission, where you can continually respawn. Gotta say it’s a decent bit of fun to continually cycle through trying to attrit the ground forces enough to work on the SAMs and EW sites. Through in some CAP to mix it up, and it’s a great way to pass the time.

The persistent battlefield (at least during a mission) is good, there are wrecks and pillars of smoke everywhere. The nukes look good, a little under whelming, but really I think they always are in any game that has them.

It may be my control setup, but I can’t pan views in the cockpit currently, that’s probably my biggest gripe at the moment.

Graphically I found it simple but surprisingly pleasing.

Considering that my frame rate stayed at the max 144 Hz of my monitor, VR seems like a no-brainer for this title…

Maybe they will get around to that.

Whoops: Just checked, developer says vr support is coming.


As soon as that happens this will be going from wishlist to library :wink:

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This following is just a general statement and even though I quoted your post is not directed at you @Harry_Bumcrack. :sunglasses:

Fully understand that sentiment but even when mods for 1946 added the nuke load out to the B-29 I just could not make that leap.

While this game may end up being a success it is definitely one I would not mind seeing find the digital trash can.



Because it allows the player to us a tactical nuke? I’m just trying to make sure I’m tracking what you’re saying.

For what it is worth, I tend to agree with you.

Hence the ! at the end of game.

I couldnt try it. No download link, only an add to Watchlist. Unless I missed something.

Just beneath Early access game and coming soon you should see request to join the early access beta. Getting in is instant.

Join the Nuclear Option Playtest

Request access and you’ll get notified when the developer is ready for more participants.

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Found this interesting.

For some reason, I did not expect the designers of what I just assumed was going to be a random arcade shooter to put so much work and thought into things like this.

It hints at larger ambitions, and I’m cautiously impressed.


I couldnt get my Stick Y axis to work. Everything else was fine. The elevator was locked in the down position and caused me to crash. Any ideas?

Nothing except that Joystick support is still a WIP and limited right now.



I may try my PS4 controller and see if thats working. Thanks!

PS4 worked fine. Tried TrackIR to see if it would take Mouse View, but no dice.

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I found the cause for this- at least on my side. The toe brakes of my MFG Crosswind are seen each as one of the two main axis - Roll and Pitch. So unless I depress them to the middle position the left one will cause me to roll left, and the right one will cause me to pitch nose down.

I have reassigned all my axis but some hardcoded part of the game forces the toe brake axis to still command Pitch and Roll. :frowning:

So probably on your PC some of the controllers you have are messing up the game…
Unless I find a way to solve this, the game in unplayable to me.

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Some of the comments on the boards when people are expressing their issues, are ridiculous. One guys yelling at people to use a keyboard and skip the peripherals.
I’ve got my PS4 controller working fine. I’d like head tracking to work too as it feels natural.
We’ll see what he does. I’ll gladly buy it if some improvements are made.

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