This is something you don’t see on an approach plate every day!

Today I find myself in Seoul, which I wasn’t expecting. Anyway, I thought you guys would get a kick out of this approach plate. You certainly have incentive to not drift North of the approach course!


oops… overshoot


Ouch. There was something nearly like this on IAP plates for Holloman AFB back in the early 80’s, minus the “shot down” part. Turns out they were doing sneaky stuff just a few miles West of the base. Recall a Phantom trying to stay with a Twin Comanche as the [TC] was trying figure out just where the heck he was.

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Well the KDCA plates don’t say it outright, but we all know they will.

True, but they don’t sugar coat it over here. :rofl:


Yep, 73A/B is where the S.Korean Presidential Palace is located. If my geographic memory serves correctly, Seoul Tower is somewhere around there too.

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I still remember the blackout drills when I was a kid in Seoul. Hope you have time enough to enjoy some sites!


I’m here for a few days, so yes, I’ll be taking a look around.

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Nothing to see here.

Jeju Island was insanely awesome…but that was gosh…nearly four decades ago, so it has probably become a tourist Disney-world… I was probably lucky to see it when I did.