This just made me look at the Vive with new interest

This guy is doing some pretty cool stuff with the software side of VR.


I know we post on VR a lot, but it really does seem like it’s going to have a big impact on games.

Using that AR-15 was crazy…


I liked the Ar-15, but the whoa moment for me was when he turned the shotgun up and shook the shells out…whoa.

So much of what we do in gaming, and shooters in particular, is push a button that makes the avatar do the thing we want, and the avatar does it the same way every time. But imagine being in a virtual battlefield and it gets tense, and you shake the shotgun and only one shell shakes loose. Or you look down and reach into your belt for another magazine, load it in, but forget to chamber the round. The avatar has been doing it for correctly for you the whole time!

In Arma we would always joke, “whats next for the Army simulator? virtual potato peeling?” Well now we will be able to actually peel the virtual potato’s! The possibilities!

@Tankerwade Yeah me and a buddy were fantasizing about an Arma-esque situation where you’re pulling virtual mags and frags from your virtual vest…Ohhhh the possibilities indeed. That lighter really tickled me too.

That is amazing.