This Page Isn't Working

I’m not sure what has changed, but over the last month or so I’ve been getting an increasing number of these errors when trying to look at Mudspike. It’s so bad now that it takes around 5 minutes to get the forum up on my phone, whether using mobile data or WiFi. The errors seem about evenly split between ERR_FAILED and ERROR_504 (the website took too long to respond).

I’m using a Samsung Android smart phone with Google Chrome, all fully updated. It’s possible that this started with an Android update, but I’m not sure of that, and the length of time / number of refreshes before I get through to the site seems to be getting longer / larger.

Is anyone else getting this?

EDIT: Oh, and Mudspike seems to be the only website affected.

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For me sometimes it hangs, too. When changing pages.
But a complete reload usually works.

Also Samsung Android, but Firefox

Is it happening now? Just trying to work out if location or time based (e.g. perhaps during a backup period that our host uses). For me it is ok here in the top left of NA.

Also, could it be narrowed down by browser, as in, have you ever seen this on your PC or is it mainly just mobile?

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I’m using DiscourseHub on my iPhone which then loads a Safari mobile browser and have not been running into any issues.

I think they are talking about rather than but good to confirm which one. :slight_smile:

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I thought he might be talking about the forum itself - unless he is accessing the forum from the link on the main page maybe?

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Try purging the phone’s browser cache and see how that works. Very strange things can happen when half a website is loaded from a cache that’s out of date and isn’t triggered to be replaced.

iPhone safari doesn’t let me be specific about it so you lose login sessions, auto-fill etc, on other sites.

If chrome is like the desktop, you can do the advanced options and only purge cookies, plus cached images and files. Then the worst you lose is login sessions and maybe a cart on an e-store.

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It was happening about 15 minutes before I posted (maybe 20?).

I haven’t seen it on PC but don’t often access the site that way (I tend to browse the forum whilst on the move).

It is both the main site and the forum, however there have been several times where I got to the main site ok but couldn’t reach the forum.

EDIT:Oh, and restarting the phone doesn’t seem to make a difference. Also, it’s probably worth mentioning that I’m connecting from the UK

I will try that the next time it happens and see if it helps. Cheers :+1:

Are you just using Chrome to go to the forums or using discourse app?

Just Chrome

I have had problems with Samsung Internet and chrome. The sizing (scale?) is all messed up. Its been better with Firefox mobile but still get the 404 if I click on a link then come back to the forums.

I almost exclusively access the forums from my phone so I cannot tell if that happens on the PC, too. At least I never noticed it.
I have the feeling it happens more often if I was in a thread and then touch the Mudspike logo in the upper left corner to get back to the latest topics page (I configured the forum to use the latest topics as my start page). It loads and loads and does nothing.
Then I hit the browser’s reload button and it works.

Ok it happened again just now - I even grabbed a screenshot to show I’m not going completely :crazy_face:. However, it resolved itself after about 20 seconds, before I could figure out how to clear the cache. shrug

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After it happens, try browsing here on the same device:

That’s where our open source software for the forum comes from, and they uses a similar set-up to us. If you have an issue there it tells us it’s a software issue, but if you don’t have an issue then it points at a clue of how we are hosting here specifically.

Wilco, group leader :wink:

I have never had an issue. Using EvilCorp’s ubiquitous fruit-based products.

Ok. Had the same issue again just now, lasting around 90 seconds. During that time I managed to load up the discourse meta support page in another tab no problem (already had the address entered just refreshed the page). When I switched back here it took two refreshes to get the site working.

So maybe not a software thing? Or maybe it’s something to do with my phone? It’s not causing huge distress, but certainly a little frustration.

Happened again just now, lasting around 2 minutes.