This plane is delicious

MILVIZ F-100D Super Sabre

Lord…please let Milviz get into the DCS arena…



I was under the impression MILVIZ couldnt or wouldnt or something… but who knows.

I know Skatezilla was working on a Super Sabre for a while, but I think thats on indefinite hold right now.


Amen. Dad had a bunch of time in the D model. Really liked it. but said that it could kill you if you didn’t respect its idiosyncrasies. Then there were the usual things like the main gear not extending :smile: He walked away from this one and got recognition for not chucking the thing.

His time with the 77th TFS (first from left), before they flew Aardvarks and Vipers. Always liked their squadron emblem.


@Klarsnow we’re relevant! post the tanking video!

Klar and myself spent a few hours bombing/rocketing/tanking/dogfighting in it, and it’s a real beauty of an aircraft. Cockpit model is good, flight model is as good as you can do in FSX. Weapons all work. If Gen 2 and FSX are your things, I recommend it.

Alas last I saw Milviz said they wouldn’t be coming to DCS after the whole L-39 unpleasantness from a few years past.

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I’m writing up a review for the magazine about it - and I’ve found that to be the case with the MILVIZ modeling. They did a great job finding the quirks of it…and as long as you respect the weight vs. airspeed tables for landing, and adhere to the final approach, and touchdown speeds, the plane flies very honestly. Get behind the power curve though…or pull too much AOA during maneuvers, and hold on for a ride! And it has great modeling of compressor stalls and things like negative-G engine tolerences. The first thing I had to memorize was the air-start emergency re-light procedure…LOL…

Nice pic - glad your Dad brought her back and got to do the hero walk into the squadron building… :smiley:


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Tis one sexy looking airframe for sure. Great pics too. I could only imagine the difficulty of landing with no main gear

thats my favourite procedure in MiG-21 too :smile:

yep, F-100, very nice frame. It got stickers like quirky and treacherous but there were guys who knew…

An F-100 taking off from Nellis AFB circa 1959. Note checkerboard pattern on the vertical stabilizer and nose. This indicates it was a “Hun” from the Fighter Weapons School. It was in the Hun that Boyd became famous as “Forty-Second Boyd,” the man who defeated all challengers in simulated air-to-air combat in less than 40 seconds. (USAF Photo)

John Boyd - The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of Air Warfare

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What a pretty plane, I think you guys might enjoy this website: North American F-100 Super Sabre - The 'Hun'

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The External Model I was working on had several inaccuracies, and was shelved along with everything I was doing for ThirdWire sims when my father passed,

Even if I pull the Max files and PSDs off the mothball drive, the inaccuracies and downright headscratching mesh arrangements for some of the parts would have rivet counters coming after me with pitch forks and schematic drawing books.

When work originally started on the F-100, we did ask MilViz about licensing their Model, but it was well above my price range (4 digits IIRC, I dont have the Skype logs to verify, but it was up there, and even more for the cockpit.)

I watched development of their F-100D Model from the early stages via photostream, and the sheer amount of detail is amazing.

IIRC MilViz Experimenting with coming to DCS, they even made a 3DS Plugin to convert Animations quickly to Argument Animations.

Most of, if not all, of My free time is being used up by the SuperBugs, and since I’m further in Art Development w/ this aircraft than others I’ve done previously, I have to stop every now and then and ask for help on some of the advanced animations and texture mapping, lol.

Even if I were to go back to the F-100D, I’d Likely start it over from the original MAX File, as I’ve done things wrong originally and I have significantly better understanding of the DCS Plugins and stuff now, and the actual setup of specific things have also changed lately w/ the move to DX11.

But that wouldnt fix the several blaring inaccuracies in the base model.

Best bet for an F-100D in DCSW right now is to beg BST to do one, which would be the quickest option, as they would be able to port many if not all the F-86F Systems to the F-100D. They’d only have to develop the Art and Flight Model.


Sad to hear, but understandable.

That being said: I hope Belsimtek considers doing that one, for the reasons you mentioned, just like I still kind of hope that Leatherneck will be a MiG-23 based on what they have in the -21 because there are SO many identical systems.

Ooh, @SkateZilla that sounds very interesting. Got any pics or news? :wink:


@SkateZilla, you’re my hero.

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Wow, she’s a beauty - nice work!

Liveries are being done by EricJ, I think we have over 40 done already.