Thranda's Pilatus PC6 Turbo Porter

I pulled the trigger on this one today. It’s a hoot! Flying into the Machmell Fisheries strip, you can easily manage a stop and go with plenty of runway to spare. The small landing area near the lookout tower on the Quatam River scenery is also no problem…

It’s a really fun airplane if you like flying into rough, short strips.

It has the same livery editor that the Kodiak has, but also a custom panel editor. They also included 4 different panels, including steam gauges with the Garmin 500/400, a glass PFD with the older GPS units, then both glass and steam with support for the RealityXP GTN750.

Highly recommended!


That gives me such an “air America” i love it


This is a pretty cool feature:


How does its fps compare to the Kodiak?

Ok it’s pretty cool. Those alarms are obnoxious as hell though. I know they’re supposed to be but wow! Lol

That looks like fun to operate though.

That is cool…