Three killed in Cessna crash

Oh dear …

Wasserkuppe is almost 3000ft MSL.
A failed landing, the article says… A go around and stalled because of less lift and power?

Sad sad news… :sob:

Wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Horrible thing to happen

The Wasserkuppe is actually pretty hard to fly from/to.
It has a steeply inclined runway on the side of a hill. (The runway is 670m long and has 30m of elevation difference between the ends)
You can only take off from 06 and land from 24 IIRC.

Beautiful countryside and the Wasserkuppe is well known for being the most important place of the German glider pioneers.

Really sad to see something like that happening. :frowning:


And a guy I just met last Sunday was killed doing a night pyro show. John Thocker. For the record, night aerobatics is simply stupid.

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Completely agree. What a shame. I watched a night pyro show once and it was utterly terrifying to watch from the ground.