Three years of Enemy Within

Hey guys,

Exactly 3 years ago the original “Enemy Within” campaign was published by ED - the first 3rd party DLC for DCS World. Happy to share the news that the new version, “Enemy Within 3.0” has just been submitted to ED and should be released pretty soon (although I do not know the exact date yet).

I felt that the old version was pretty old by current DCS (and Baltic Dragon) standards so I took it, rewritten almost all of the scripts and dialogues from scratch, shifted things around, reworked almost all of the missions and enemies you encounter, removed 3 sorties I liked least and replaced them with 3 brand new ones, included more than 2100 VOs… and am very happy with the end result.

I’ve also posted some more info on my FB page, including the initial project of campaign’s cover designed by Blooze (may he Rest in Peace):Redirecting...

Anyway, happy to share the news and Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Xmas to you also !

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Thanks for the news @Baltic_Dragon! You do great work!


If you want to check the campaign in action :slight_smile: one of the missions (OP Hammerfall 1).