Throttle finger lifts

Jumped in the Hornet last night prepping fir the Raven One campaign. Very rusty. I was so far behind the aircraft that I needed a telescope to find it. But @Troll’s finger lifts and AB detent worked perfectly. Not sure if he designed it this way but out of the box the detents were exactly at mil power (100%). Save a few arrestor cables by not going into AB during recovery.

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I have made so many versions that I must admit that I’m not sure…!
Wouldn’t be too hard to make it though.

Some call it divine intervention.
Others call it superior skills.
I call it dumb luck… :wink:


Basically just looking for an MT-50 compatible version of the one you posted to thingiverse.

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I’ll look into it.

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How did you accomplish this? When I pull the STL into fusion I get the image on the right, I can’t figure out how you got from the right side to the left side…

Troll … you may have some copyright money coming your way :grinning:


If only I had a copyright… :wink:
Seriously, the @vpc_virpil guys are certainly clever enough to come up with the idea themselves, but I take great pride in noticing some similarities in design. :star_struck:


I just knew they were going to do that.

Ok, so I have to buy a completely new one? Ah, no. I like my CM2, love it, but love only goes so far.


Wow and to think I received my CM2 throttle today, at literally the exact same time their video dropped… Good thing my roommate bought a 3d printer.

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Hi! I registered only because of this project. You did some amazing work in it! Thanks for sharing with us!

Unfortunately I also have some requests, since I am a newbie with this and easily confused…

I own the original T-50 CM throttle and would love to have your project printed and fitted to it. Am I right in that I need these files to get started with a basic version of the detent:

2x (that means: 2 times the clamp1 and 2 times the clamp2)

I tried to read the thread multiple times but I am not 100% sure which plungers and screws I will need. Is there a manual like for the CM2 version?

And I am also dieing for an idle lock version of the detents, like it is available for the CM2 version (the “VPC MT-50 CM2 Throttle Detents with Idle lock” project on your thingieverse page - sorry, new users can only post 2 links). If it is not too much effort, could you create one, please?

Sorry for so many requests. Thanks again for your work!


Welcome to Mudspike @ioffo! :smiley:

Hi, @ioffo and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

This is the profile you will need for the original MT-50 and MT-50CM throttles.

And yes, you will need two clamps.

There’s no manual for this design, but it is very similar to the CM2 design.
You need M6 10mm plungers and some M3 screws. I can send the hardware to you, if you like.
Unfortunately I’m not going to make an idle lock for the pre CM2 throttles. It is a lot of work for very little gain, and I don’t have that throttle anymore, so I couldn’t test the design. Besides, the plungers work very well for the idle detents too.

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Just a little FYI for those with the CM2 version of the dual lifts with A/B detents. When I first installed mine, the movement was a little stiff, especially at the rear end of travel. After adjusting them as carefully as I could, it was better, but still had some friction at the extreme rear position. I then applied synthetic grease to the slots and anywhere that I thought there might be friction. Well now it’s smooth, like buttah. Looks very factory and makes me feel like a Hornet Boss.

I have had oustanding results with this grease lubing controllers, including the stick ball on my Warthog base (now replaced by a VPC unit).


No sure this has passed through Mudspike or not but, hey, this guy is my kinda Mr. Fix It. I can’t speak a lick of German but, really, no need to:

Simple hardware detent for the Virpil VPC MT-50 CM2

Thanks for your reply! I fully understand you refusal to invest work in an elaborate but futile modification for a single T50-CM user. I wasted more than 10 hours of my life, trying to learn Fusion360 in order to cut a simple rectangular hole into an existing .stl model I downloaded a year ago. I gave up in frustration and desperation… So I know how much work these modifications are… :smile:

Also thanks for the offer to send me the “hardware”, whatever that means (Sorry, english is not my first language)… :slight_smile:

I still have some questions:

  • Could you check if these plungers would work?

  • How many plungers are actually needed? I figure that 4 would be the right amount.

  • How many M3 screws are needed?
    EDIT: I found your manual for the CM2 version and it says “4 or 6 of M3 30mm. 0 or 2 M3 18mm”. Is that right for the T50-CM version, too?

  • I saw in your manual that you use the cylindrical head screws.

  • Where did you find the 18mm M3 hex cylindrical head screws? I googled around and I can only find 12mm, 16mm and 20mm schrews.

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For the MT-50 detents you need
4 M6 10mm Ball plungers.
6 M3 30mm screws

If I recall correctly. I will check.
The M3 18mm is only used for the CM2 idle lock version.

By ’hardware’ I mean the ball plungers and screws. I have a bunch. :slight_smile:

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I see! Yes, I would love to buy the screws and plungers from you. How do we get in contact privately? I am kind of unable to find a private message function… :joy:

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That’s because of your trust level on the forum :slight_smile:
I’ll send you a message that you can reply to.

Is there a center detent version of this one?

Just curious, why would someone want a center detent? I can think that would be the last place I would want one, especially when trying to do A2A refueling. But I frequently can’t see the forest for the trees.

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