Throttle finger lifts

When @chipwich got his new VPC Throttle he put me on the idea of finger lifts for afterburner.

Here’s the latest design.

The slide with idle and AB stops.

The collars are designed to be mounted around the throttle lever cover, but since that cover is slightly loose, I designed the collar to grab onto the handle.

I needed to redesign the finger lift for throttle no. 1 as it got snagged by throttle no. 2 and the pinky switch assembly. It’s in the printer…


Redesigned Throttle no. 1 Finger Lift lever.

AB stop.

Idle stop.


Nicely crafted Troll. Sorely needed on the CM2. I received my MonsterTech throttle plate today, so probably infected my whole family now :smiley:

Flying more now than ever.


I will make them for the CM2 as well. :slight_smile:

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Tried them out in the DCS F-5. Works great!
In the VPC setup software i calibrated the throttle axes full range.
The idle detent is 0%-6% and the AB stop sits at 83%.
I then set up two ’Axis to button’ definitions with a button output between 0-3%.

In DCS i set the throttle axes up with a custom curve.
I managed to make it so that flight idle to full military thrust equals 6-83% on the throttle, and AB kicks in just above that. Moving the throttle down into zero doesn’t generate an axis input, just a butto press that I bound to shut/idle. This works just fine.
But I would prefer it if I could get separate button presses for moving the throttle from 6% to 0% and another when moving it from 0% to 6%.
Need to tinker some more with it…


Solved it!
The VPC software is pretty powerful!
So, I defined a switch when the throttle is between 0-3%. From that I can specify two different button output, one that sends a signal when activated, and one when deactivated. So now the throttle sends one button press when pulled behind the Idle stop and another button press when pushed above it. :+1:

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That’s great. One of the things I loved about the TMWH throttle with the DCS Hornet is watching the throttles come out of fuel cutoff position to idle when I lifted the throttle from the stop. I need to take some time tonight to program the Flap lever on the CM2 to have three button output. With the Tomcat it works perfectly setup as an axis. But the Hornet is switched do mimic the real life a/c.

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