"Through The Inferno" DCS persistent mission

This certainly looks interesting. I have not had a chance to give it a whirl…


Basically I wanted to create something you can just go into to do whatever you want and to keep doing it as long as you want with some randomized missions. It’s all generally going to be the same stuff, but there are several layers of randomness to keep things interesting.

The best way to describe it is like an MMORPG or something. Go to an NPC (or an airfield in this case) get a quest, do said quest, come back and get rewarded with something like… Another quest! But no really, some of the special tasks (Recon/supply run) actually grant you a reward like extra reinforcements, things like that

So it works like this:

  • Choose your aircraft
  • Choose your type of task (Air to Air, Air to Ground, Multi-role, Recon, Supply Run, Escort)
  • Do your task. Blow stuff up. Shoot at things.
  • When task is complete, you can RTB choose to do the same task again without RTB if you have enough munitions/fuel/stores.
  • RTB to get another task.
  • Go out there and get some again!


  • Wide variety of aircraft to choose from
  • "Never the same experience" for every type of mission
  • Do things on your own time. Want to fly around a bit before you start? Sure, accept and start missions on your command.
  • Several types of missions to choose from
  • Do several missions at once (multiplayer recommended) for a larger-scale operation
  • Randomized and dynamic events that occur depending on your effectiveness in mission tasks
  • Custom kneeboards
  • Switchable AWACS aircraft at anytime (for when you switch to a different aircraft with a different type of measurement (metric vs imperial)
  • JTAC for planes that use it (JTAC uses LASER for target designation, so you can use JTAC with the M2kc, or F-5e)
  • Repeatable/endless missions that are never the same each time
  • Great for co-op
  • Great for beginners and veterans

Modules that I’ve included:

  • FC3
  • A-10C
  • UH-1H
  • Ka-50
  • Mi-8MVT2
  • SA342 M/L
  • F-5E
  • MiG-21bis
  • M-2000C
  • L-39ZA
  • Working JTAC for modules that use it.

Yes. I want to see if @near_blind can get this up on his server for Sunday evening maybe?