Thrustmaster Magnetic Base

Yea, a version 2 of the base with included optional springs of various strengths, a short extension with cable and a metal gimbal would have made for some exciting news.


Now that would put them back in the race again…


MSRP is only a suggestion. For USD

The MSRP for the Warthog is like 299.99 and the Throttle MSRP is 299.99 as well

You can get both on new egg for ~20% off and Amazon has them under MSRP as well.

I have rarely seen them at MSRP, and only above them once, when there was a run on them and everyone was sold out or backordered.

Hornet Grip MSRP is 279.99, I see it as low as 219 to 249 all the time on NewEgg and Amazon.

base will prolly be 149-179, Viper Grip about 249 as well.

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Its really not about MSRP. That’s why I posted actual EU prices for WH STICK and WH THROTTLE from
The prices for actual TM WH hw ( separate units ) are off, so I don’t expect new prices to be any better. Waiting till TM prove me wrong.

Base and Viper Grip should not exceed the Warthog Package Price, otherwise it’s pointless.

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What is pointless to me is that WH HOTAS price is very different from what you have to pay when you buy separate units. And I expect the same will happen with VIPER HOTAS.

I think the idea is you get a “bulk” or “quantity” discount when you buy more than one. So ordering the full “set” of grip, base, and throttle (three units) costs less than the sum of the units. Plus they’re new items, so put the price up a bit to capitalize on their “newness.” Just seems like standard marketing to me.

I am beating the death horse [ TM ] here but anyway.
It will be fully understandable in case they would started with separate units and then introduce full set with discount. But it was the other way - first full set then overpriced separate units.

I was a little disappointed that there were no deals over the past weekend.

I was looking to add at least the Warthog Throttle to my pit. I agree that it’s very strange that the complete HOTAS isover 100 € cheaper compared to buying Throttle and Stick separately.