Thrustmaster Magnetic BaseПресса/thrustmaster-hotas-magnetic-base-and-f-16c-viper-hotas-add-grip-very-special-10th-anniversary


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I am … confused?

The base … is the Warthog base that is available for sale on it’s own. And the stick is … the warthog stick labeled as a F-16C stick (they are the same between the two jets, as I understand it) and is available separately.

Am I missing anything else? That seems like it.

Yea…I guess the news is “Now you can buy a base without a stick?” So if you just want The F/A-18C Grip?

From their twitter replies:


So…We might see WWII,TomCat type adaptable grips in future?

I’m not sure. They could have done that at any point in the last 10 years. That may change though. They may be feeling the pressure of VKB and Virpil, and this may be a reaction … to take advantage of their market and distribution network. The cost of the sticks (F/A-18C and F-16C/A-10C) leads me to believe that they are not necessarily changing their ways but instead capitalizing on that network; cashing it in.

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TBH, if you are in the market for a base, then the VirPil WarBRD is hands down better than the Warthog base. I’m all for giving the customers a choice though. I think they should make a more generic grip available too, kind of like the MongoosT50 CM2. While an authentic replica grip certainly appeals, in the context of a sim flyer using VR, you need some extra funtionality for things such as re-centering VR, VR Zoom etc. I think this could be added in an non obtrusive way while still allowing the grip to have a reasonably authentic form. Oh, and a hand-brake axis too!


Perhaps, but given the large number of Warthog owners, it seems marginally underhanded not to say up front that the Viper stick is identical. Otherwise you might have a few Warthog owners believing that they are buying something new and improved,when it’s only “bold new graphics”.

And magnetic base? Wofo? I mean as heavy as it is, it’s not likely to move around much


It’s been quite a while since I owned a Thrustmaster product, but it’s my understanding that the Warthog base is one of the weakest components out of the whole system. I feel like spending a bit more to get a VKB or Virpil base would be a better investment in the long run.

You are correct. The students are now the master. I will say that the throttle is still standing up well and that I am extremely happy with my TM Hornet grip on a VPC TM50 CM2 base. Sweetness.


I think that magnetic refers to the Hall sensors.


Ha! Yeah, I wondered that, but here we go with bold new graphics. My wife the marketer would approve.

Magnetic Hall Sensors

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I dont understand this especialy when it comes to prices.

Its like
WH STICK + WH THROTTLE = 260EU + 220EU = 480EU !?

And now, suggested prices for the new offerings :

WH BASE + WH GRIP = 130EU + 180EU = 310EU !?

Like where is the added cost for them to sell when they sell overpriced separate units !?

It’s all about the base…


… 'bout that base …


… no throttle…



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Hot take: This press release is disappointingly bland news, dressed up as a hilariously over-blown product ‘launch.’