Thrustmaster MDF Cougar USB Cockpit Panelsc-does anyone use them

I am thinking of getting these to help with the button pushing in DCS…does anyone have them…and if so,is it difficult to program (with special made scripts) or is it just a matter of pushing the button on the panel and DCS recognizes it in the button configuration screen.

And for some aircraft there are even useful defaults.

I have had them for many years. They’re good controllers.

I also have seen something from China called Cubesim. It basically is a screen that is put inside the cougar mfd. If anyone has ordered one,did it come all complete…just plug and play…or do you have to buy the mfd separately and connect the screen to the MFD and figure out the connections for the buttons?

Like this video review…
Samurai 1-1 Review: The CubeSim MFD Screens for DCS World and Falcon 4.0 BMS - YouTube

Here is the site


I have seen people use a screen and for a bit many years back I just double sided taped mine to small older flat panel I had. The downside to using screens is that they cause your GPU more load as you will be rendering the MFD display on the small screens AND on your main screen.

The biggest advantage to having them is any case where you feel the need to zoom in the view to use the MFD in game because with those panels acting as a repeater you take away the need to zoom the view and you can see things much more sharply.

We have also come many GPU generations since I last had them attached to that second old monitor so the performance hit may not be as appreciable anymore.

They are a very useful controller and I have two packs (four MFD “rings” total) which covers the Hornet very nicely with the two DDI’s, one for the MPCD and the fourth acting as much of the UFC buttons.

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I was happily using 3 of them in the Hornet - until - I began flying regularly in VR. Then they didn’t get used so much.

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I was planning on doing that until @Franze suggested programming the 4th as the UFC, which worked out excellently - glad I kept it! Still, if you are not one to like having too many peripherals then sharing a pack makes a lot of sense. Good suggestion!

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Wow I love this solution!!

I have em mounted on a small 13.3" John Will full HD monitor. 13.3 Inch Portable Monitor,JOHNWILL Full HD 1080P Portable Display IPS Screen Gaming Monitor with HDMI, Built-in Dual Speakers/USB-Powered Portable Monitor for Laptop, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Phone: Computers & Accessories

It’s pretty awesome to have real functioning MFD’s, but since VR is now working well on my system they have sat on my desk unused…

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