Thrustmaster t-flight hotas x calibration problem - only with the Bf-109

I’m having a very strange issue where the stick and rudder aren’t centered when flying the Bf-109, but works just fine with other modules. Windows reports no centering issues, but the controls overlay in DCS clearly shows both axes are off centre.


Bf-109, rolling right:

Mig-15, flying straight:

(I’ll be buying a Warthog soon anyway, hope it’s just dodgy hardware)

I noticed this with the Dora, but I think this might be by design, as you need to keep constant right stick pressure to counter torque.

If you look at @wagmatt 's Dora start-up and takeoff video you can see the overlay showing a right stick input.

Hmm, ok, so the torque and other effects appear as a control input in the game? I guess that makes sense…

Not really the force being represented, more the virtual controller being canted to the left, so you have to introduce a right-wing down pressure to “center” it.

As long as it’s not me going crazy!

Nope, had me confused too.

Why I prefer the US WW2 birds, Aileron trim on all of them :smile:

It’s not aileron trim, it’s rudder trim, but the German WWII aircraft didn’t have that either.

Look at your ball indicator on the 109: you’ve got some sideslip, and your aircraft is trying to turn into the wind, aka “weathercock stability”, heheheh. The “faster” wing on the the outside of the slip gets more airflow = more lift which is why you get the rolling tendency.

Use rudder to coordinate your flight – i.e., “step on the ball” – and the roll offset will go away.

In fact, as a little demonstration, use only the rudder pedals to control your bank and you’ll quickly pick up the correlation. Very easy to control in flight, but you end up with your foot on a rudder pedal for the whole flight, instead of holding the stick to the side. While it sounds the same, the latter will result in uncoordinated flight which means more drag.


yeah, I know I’ll have to get some pedals as well - but one thing at a time :smiley:

yeah, I know I’ll have to get some pedals as well - but one thing at a time :smiley:

Ah, yeah, that can be rough. Do you have a twist stick at least?

I have the cheap as chips Hotas X, with a pretty neat rudder-slider thing on the back of the throttle handle. It has served me pretty well, good enough for the stuff I’ve been flying so far…

This has just become my standard unexpected behavior response in flight sims.