Thrustmaster Warthog DCS A-10C /CII idle detent problems

Hello fellas. Desperately been trying to figure out how to do the ramp start procedure of moving the throttle trough idle detent to get a light in the A10C. I have tried the standard setup binds (they look like they are working in the controls editor), Ive tried deleting the LUAs to let DCS remake them, no joy. Funny thing is, not even the keybinds that are mentioned in the tutorial will work, (Ralt /Rctl home) to get the engine cranking so this leaves me not able to ramp start the A-10 in any way. Any tips? I have been searching forums/web, and have not found any solution.
I do not believe it is a hardware problem, as the DX buttons below detent are recognized and working perfectly in other modules for the same function (likeF-18). The problem persists regardless of switching “remember hotas states” in the options. Anyone been seeing this?

Sorry, forgot to add, I have no Target profile active or selected, its pure TM direct X (two devices, not combined)

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With the A-10C it should work right out of the box. At the start of a mission you might have to lift the throttles out of the idle cutoff detent and back once in order to register the correct position but other than that the WH Hotas is pretty much plug and play with the DCS A-10C. Only thing you might want to do is to remove the view settings from the mic switch and trim hat

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There is a setting in DCS that can set cockpit to mirror your actual controller. So if your flaps are down for instance you will see the same thing in the SIM. It may pay you to check it is off. I know mine works for the C but I don’t think I have tried it in the CII
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