Thrustmaster Warthog Maintenance: Greasing the Gimbal

Hey guys, here are some videos for you Thrustmaster fans…

I did this mod. I went to a bicycle shop and got bigger stronger springs. They ROCK.

This guy is a lifesaver. I wathed this a bunch. Now my stick is… buttery smooth lol

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I watched the “buttery smooth” second video above two days ago. Yesterday i bought the sandpaper and grease and worked on my stick. All the mold parting lines on my gimbal and side plugs are now gone and the operation really is smooth. A few days ago I was able to refuel my F-15C for about 4000 lbs, but mostly I’m connected for like 5 seconds. I’ll try anything to help control the oscillations around the tanker. I will look into throttle maintenance, too. I cleaned out 9 year old red grease from the stick yesterday and replaced it with new lithium grease.


Another good video here:

No time like now. Pretty yuckie inside. Lots of little plastic shavings. Should have it back together by… :wink:


I will tell you now, you will Love this. I went from 5 seconds at the time on the hose, to getting a full tank in one go. Took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of training. Getting the molding off did the trick for me… Oh and LOTS of grease.

I agree. Stayed up late last night and got the throttle back together. Fired it all up today and connected right off. Ill put more time into it tomorrow.

I put grease on the throttle axle surfaces and on the friction pads. I cut off the friction springs at about 1-1/4 turn and have more variability on that adjustment now; that was almost too much that I cut off. But it did make the re-assembly easier/possible.

Both the stick and throttle are quite smooth. No spring twang feeling in the stick and it travels smoothly back to center. The throttle is also smooth with no backlash.
Im going to try running the throttle as a Slider with zero curve.

Last night arrived my Sahaj spring and extension. The spring is a pure joy. I opted for the Green (weakest) spring. I am not using an extension on my desk. This is amazing. Can’t wait to try a2a refuel. Had a go at the spit. It’s a whole new SIM. I recommend this.

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Added a linky

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Sahaj has really expanded!
I have one of his early extensions. :slight_smile:
New springs is a good idea. Don’t know how much the plastic gimbal will withstand though…

I had to replace my articulation sphere after I broke it accidentally while climbing into my pit. Snapped the plastic sphere right in half. I ordered a 3D printed replacement online (and I have the file if anyone is interested). Very smooth, but the hole in the center allows for a little bit too much twisting play. I can wiggle the stick about 3-5 degrees left and right about the yaw axis. It doesn’t effect the use of the stick, it’s just an annoyance.

The originals develop the same condition after while. Mine took about 5 years. I’ve found that the best course of action to squash any OCD tendencies and live with it. Lest you find yourself reaching for that debit card.

Which is about where I am atm. Considering investing in a second Warthog that will, after a grease job, become my #1. I think that TM has earned my loyalty since my current Warthog has not let me down in what - eight years? Pretty solid kit really.

Some of the Eastern European offerings looks sexy. But lack of solid NA distribution, mixed availability, the need to eschew Boeing/MD design, not to mention having to rebuild all of my aircraft profiles is quite a bridge too far to cross, IMO.

We cleaned out my second Warthog Stick today. Sanded down the inner ball to smooth out the molding lines. Cleaned all parts. Replaced 10yo grease. Tomorrow it goes to a new home where it should get lots of use.

Had to unscrew it from underneath to get to the wiring. Pretty dirty…


A Crown Royal bad is my joystick cover. I did this maintenance/mod and added a softer spring by Sahaj. Love it more than ever now.