Thrustmaster warthog problem. Need help!

Hi I hope someone can help me. I noticed strange things happening flying the hornet earlier. Misiles coming of the rails, gun firing without me pressing the trigger, my air to air modes randomly changing.
Anyway I have tracked it down to my joystick, when I push forward all the switches go live. I checked this in game controller settings in windows. I think my stick is about to expire and I hope there are solutions

Check the plugs. I wanna bet somewhere it got wiggled unstuck. Just check the how well the stick is fitted to the base, those sort of things.

If that fails, check if any wires on the inside look chaffed/broken. There’s probably a good chance you can fix it!

Feel free to post way too many photo’s here so we can all help!


Yeah. That sounds like you are going to have to open the stick up and check the wires and connectors. It sounds like somewhere in the internals there is a short happening when you push forward. Taking off the base plate should be relatively easy. Here is what mine looks like (I am currently using a VKB base, so my Thrustmaster Warthog base is just sitting on a shelf):

When I move the stick attachment point, none of the wires or connectors appear to have any stress or movement. Looking down the hole there in the middle…

There is a connector that also doesn’t move. So from the base POV, it would be farther up the stick I think (unless one of the connectors is really loose.

Looking into the stick (fairly easy to get into - remove the pin on the pinky trigger, then the screws and plate on top, then the stick itself). The attachment part in my base is different as I have modded it for the VKB base.

So the potential problem here is likely the connector to the base attachment part, the wires up to the circuit board or the connectors on the board.

Putting it back together … be careful that you do not pinch the wires between the metal parts - which will make your problems worse.


I noticed after removing the plate underneath that the black wire moves as I push the joystick forward and some movement of the black ring that is surrounding the wires and white plastic guide with the silver screws

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Ok. I don’t see any movement in my wires so obviously something is a little loose :slight_smile:

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I have the stick stripped down and see no obvious sign of damage. The inside is really quite dirty though so I have cleaned all the grease and debris from the gimbal and will need to get grease before I reassemble.
The rubber pads which help guide the spring where displaced so they need stuck back on again. :slight_smile:
I wonder if dirt and dust can be responsible for shorting out

Omg what have I done

Oh yeah. That’s not optimal. Let me know how it goes … I have parts I can send :slight_smile:

I put the notched side of the inner gimbal the wrong way round. 255£ for a new stick from Amazon,I am sorely tempted :wink: where do the severed wires terminate? Is it a plug or soldered directly to the sensor?

@Fridge would you consider selling your warthog base ?

PM sent

Cib, would you be willing to sell me a few parts from your broken one?


Sure you are welcome to the base
And welcome to the forums :grin:


You pick up something new? I see this post is pretty old. I just can’t find the parts I need anywhere. I even contact TM. Where are you located?

I am in the UK and shipping is not an issue other than the UK heading for a month long lock down send me a PM to discuss further :blush:

How do you PM? Been trying to figure that out.

I also have a warthog base looking for a new home. It’s in :netherlands:.

Click someone’s’ name. A thing oughta pop up. There’s a blue “message” button there. Might be that it’s locked for very new users. In that case, lose your mudspike virginity by posting some pics or jokes or stories in the appropriate threads.

Yeah, negative on the blue message button. I’ll try that.

I don’t think I can respond cib. I did but I’m guessing you can’t see it giving the lack of response.