Thud Walkaround Video

Posted this in TeamSpeak yesterday- figured I’d share it with everyone!

I love the Thud’s design and history, and this video has some good stories from the pilot. The uploader’s channel has a few of these interviews/walkarounds with pilots from other aircraft of the era, haven’t gotten around to watching them yet.

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Gonna watch this tonight when things settle down around the house. I love the F-105 - I really enjoy flying it in Strike Fighters 2…

Thanks for posting!

Loved the Thud in Jane’s USAF and because it just rules. Reading books like “When Thunder Rolled” (Ed Rasimus) and “Thud Ridge” (Jack Broughton) only made it more interesting.
One of the planes I’d love to have in DCS.

I’ve read all of Thud books, plus F-105 commentary by Olds in Fighter Pilot. While I admire the courage and accomplishments of the crews that flew them, I can’t help but feel sorrowful about the dreadful loses in that aircraft during our Vietnam war, mostly due to tactics rather than the aircraft design. Apparently lessons of combat are very hard learned, because they tend to be accepted and repeated conflict after conflict.

So are we to assume that if DCS announced or released a Vietnam map and a full fidelity DCS F-105 you’d be doing back-flips?

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