Thunder Helix - released!


Does it support VR…? :wink:
Getting such 90’s flashbacks from the graphics! Too cool!

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Was closed beta tester- it works on everything, can detect every configuration, I fly with my HOTAS and MFG Crosswind pedals.

Imagine if Desert Strike had a very naughty night of passion with LHX Attack Chopper…
80s and 90s movies bombastic action, guitar riffs, bullets whizzing by, loud exploding camels, and a long list of extra content coming already planned by the creator.
For the price it’s an absolute beast!


Sold! :smile:

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Sounds like a joke but the best part of this game- sorry- SIMULATOR! ( :wink: ) is that the winch system is the coolest addition! You can pick up nearly everything, I could even build a Rube-Goldberg-Machine like situation with fuel bowsers, ammo box and camels to blow up, very articulatedly, an important enemy convoy or yeet stuff at a SAM site! :rofl:

Feel free to ask!


Found this… Perfect.


Public Roadmap for the next updates of Thunder Helix:

Phase 1 ; April - May

  • First draft “bare bones” manual.

  • Difficulty selection screen

  • Campaign 2 - “Protect the Block”

  • Scenario mission 2 - “Crash Rescue”

  • Scenario mission 3

  • Scenario mission 4

  • Game controller button remapping

Phase 2 : June - September

  • Campaign 1 extension

  • Scenario mission 5

  • Scenario mission 6

  • Scenario mission 7

  • Scenario mission 8

  • Campaign 3 - “SCUD Hunter”

  • New unlockable aircraft

Phase 3 : October - December

  • Scenario mission 9

  • Scenario mission 10

  • Scenario mission 11

  • Scenario mission 12

  • Campaign 4 - “Helix in Paradise”

  • Tutorial missions

  • Finished manual PDF

Stretch Goals : 2025 -

  • Steam Achievements

  • Mission editor or builder

  • CGA mode + PC Speaker style audio

  • Consider launching on GOG / Epic Game Store

Finally, the official “1.0” Release and leaving Early Access.

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Loving it… giving me flashbacks of the games I played in my barracks on my Commodore 64. lol

Hellfire then rockets…

Chuck Ankenbauer on X: “Thunder Helix out now on Steam, Early Access. It’s FUN… reminds me of my old Commodore 64 days. Great job by 1 man developer @HiddenAsbestos” / X (

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Q: How do I target things for the heckfire or chin gun? Playing with an xbox controller… (A: dpad fwd, left, right)

Found the .pdf that maps the control. Love the style of that, fits very well.

Only two missions… I hope it grows quickly :slight_smile: It’s a fun game, controls well. Pew Pew!


This is really REALLY fun.

Bloody chopper got me at the airfield in the first mission


These controls feel superb.


I love the Yaw on the triggers with xbox controller feels so natural


Latest mission added!


I spend a ridiculous amount of time playing this

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There was another one before this, where you need to rescue 15 dudes while dodging tornadoes :joy:

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Oh heck yeah! I forgot!